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The Salem Witch Trials

No description

Daenerys Targaryen

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials

Puritan Doctrine - little separation of Church and State; God influenced every aspect of their lives.
Puritanism in New England
The devil was the cause of all evil. Disease, natural catastophes, and bad fortune attributed to work of the devil
Salem in particular was intended to act as the ideal Puritan Community - a "City on a Hill."
The name itself is derived from Jerusalem, God's "promised land."
Salem, Massachusetts
Massachusetts Bay Colony was a man's world.
Puritan ministers furthered male supremacy.
The soul had two parts, the immortal masculine half, and the mortal feminine half.
Gender Roles in Puritan Society
Suspicions Arise: Puritanism
Extreme religious zeal fueled mass hysteria with superstition and panic
Tituba - a Carib indian who came from the Barbados to the Massachusetts Bay Colony spread folklore of Satan and dark magic throughout the minds of Salem's youth.
In a Puritanical town, the proper behavior of young girls should have consisted of religious affairs and housework.
“Hysteria” comes from the Greek word “hystera,” which means uterus. Mass hysteria was often associated with the barbaric nature of women.
Suspicions Arise: Women Targeted
Suspicions Arise: Convulsive Ergotism
A diseased that derived from the consumption of rye mold and barley, which has the the same chemical basis as LSD. It was believe that this chemical accidentally got into the food supply.
Convictions and Tests
•First accused
-Sarah Good & Outcasts
•Blamed supernatural causes
Examinations - Witch Tests
•Lord’s prayer
•spectral evidence
•eyewitness testimonials
•strange artifacts
•touch tests
•Witch cake

Fate of the Accused
•Guilty until proven innocent
1. Become Pregnant
2. Try to Flee Salem
3. Confess
4. Plead innocent
5. Silent Protest
6. Accuse someone else of bewitching you

•By Fall 1692 in Salem...
-19 hanged, 1 was pressed to death, 13 died in prison
-Over 200 people were accused in Salem, but escaped death and torture by confessing
•1693 - accusations stop
-governor Phipp’s wife accused
-release the accused witches
•1706 - Anne Putnam Jr. publicly apologizes
•1957 - Massachusetts formally apologized

•1706 - Anne Putnam Jr. publicly apologizes
•1957 - Massachusetts formally apologizes
Following trials, those found guilty of witchcraft were immediately imprisoned and subjected to various forms of torture (chaining head-to-heels, sleep deprivation, and pressing).
Convicted witches in Salem were mostly hanged, with one instance of pressing.
The punishments and executions in Europe far exceeded those in Salem in terms of cruelty.
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