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Solar Soles

Battery powered, iPhone controlled, long lasting goodness

Hasib Reza

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Solar Soles

Solar Soles
Your comfort is our sole concern
What is it?
IPhone app? Why?
The technology used in my one senses the surrounding temperature and automatically fluctuates to find a suitable temperature to begin with - the colder it is, the warmer the soles will be
No worries
And if lost?
Do I need them?
Soles that are powered by batteries and have 3 settings: Low, Medium, and High, and are controlled through an application on the iPhone
Existing battery-powered sole warmers only last a couple hours, but my one will be better, because unlike the tiny-controller that can be lost very easily because of how small it is
You can also track each sole, all through the iPhone app! If lost, the sole will emit a noise which can be pre-set by the user, along with a recorded message by the user - pre-set of course.
You can either track it if it’s near you using the iPhone app, or if it’s somewhere far away, then someone will hear the noise
Until each authorized user deactivates unique code through iPhone - others cannot use the soles with their iPhones
However, soles can't be shown on a map
Hardware too large to fit comfortably in sole
Any types of shoes, or even socks, because they are soles and easily transferable from different shoes.
Modern person has many different types of shoes, and so our Research and Development team adapted
Each sole, is also given after the wearer gives their foot size, to ensure that people aren't’t stuck with soles that are too big or too small for their unique comfort.

In the cold, they are indispensable

Why not wear socks? Well socks offer only a minimum degree of warmth

For maximum comfort, wear with socks, then any shoes will be of contentment
The Research
People of all ages snowboard
Yet, a high percentage of them
are of high income families
Hence an expensive sport
Can charge highly - sell in bulk to
snowboard gear companies
An iPhone is not so easily lost - as apps like FindMyPhone will help track lost iPhones

Each sole has a unique code, and that is how the iPhone app tracks the sole and is the sole owner of the sole. And so other people with that iPhone app will not be able to control your temperature.
Price strategies?
My strategy?
Demand is rising
Luxury sports like snowboarding and skiing would benefit from this product
The snowboarding boots industry, last year, is worth about $72 m
so many boots manufacturers may contact me

So price skimming
New packaging: this time aimed at the teen market instead of adults, since 57.7% of snowboarders teens or young adults
New function soles now have a vibrate function to gently massage your feet
New function: Cool: for warm countries, soles are designed to keep you cool
Promotion poster
Most customers will find this default setting comfortable, but power users can further tweak it with the iPhone app -
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