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Copy of Social Media

No description

Tifawt Bld

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Social Media

Le digital
La planète digital
1. Why does Social Media work well within the restaurant and entertainment industry?
2. Purpose of the Social Media
3. How Social Media can increase revenue in Restaurant
4. Things to do to start marketing Social Media
5. List of a Social Media tools for the Restaurants
Use of Social Media
in Restaurants
Fashion brands use the social media to connect on a deeper level with their customers; they want to build a relationship with the consumer.
Social Media
and Fashion
Social Media and
Raptr - collects your statistics and organizes your info into your library. Also lets you broadcast your activity stream into other social networks. Primarily uses downloadable content via PC/MAC
Top Social Networks
for Gaming

•2011 Ford Explorer via Facebook
GamerDNA – Allows you to track all your game data and put it into a library. Allows you to connect with other social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) keeps track of which game you’re playing and compares your progress to other people.

UGame – Purely a social networking site similar to facebook. You can post blogs and make guilds with like minded gamers. Has a plethora of information. Users can also post game achievements from tournament and non tournament events, which is something that the other sites don’t offer.
Top Social Networks
for Gaming
Rupture – Identifies gaming and adds gameplay activity to your profile while providing challenges and inviting other players to do them. Mostly used for World of Warcraft. Created by Shawn Fanning (Napster) to keep track of the people you play online with.

Wegame - Focuses on sharing video footage of you playing your game. This lets you rate other individuals on how they’re playing. Popular videos get posted on the home page and if you find a game you like you can purchase it through Wegame.
Cars and Social Media

•The #ProgressIs hashtag

•Jaguar’s #CaptureAJag campaign
Jeep Artic Yeti Dig campaign

•win a trip to the 2012 Winter X Games in Aspen and a chance to win the new 2012 Jeep Wrangler Artic Edition

• Facebook dig game

Twitter #YetiDig hashtag

•7 winners were chosen to “dig for the yeti”
Volkswagen Polowers campaign
•Polo model

#polowers hashtag

•150,000 Tweets in the eight hours of the contest
•5 Tweets per second
•Increased their follower base by 50%
•Reached 10% of Twitter’s users in Spain
•VW was position in the Top 10 trending topics for the day
Social networking platforms and their signature uses,
-Celebrities on social networking,

- Role in social networking

-Do we like celebrities in social

-Why celebrities use media?
How celebrities create a "following", Advertise

How to feed the following, Movies, Photos of everything
Music discovery on the web happens in a variety of ways:
Celebrities set the pace and trend for the rest of us!
it's simple really
celebrities use media put their name out there, connecting is a breeze due to modern networking
Then there's the impact social media has had on the discovery process in terms of live performances.
facebook the
Twitter the
Instagram the
Global Photo shoot
they do too
...well some of them
of course
Interactivity and Collaboration
it is arguably the most popular reason people use social networking
How about the way we
interact with music?
It used to be that we purchased an album, maybe made mix tapes or CDs and that was about it.
Social Media works well because people enjoy being social and attend entertainment venues.
1. Engaging and interacting with existing customers
2. Introducing events and new menu items
3. Gaining feedback on menu items and events
Interaction and collaboration
1. Gaining feedback and insight on service, events, menu
2. Promote events or new menu items & specials
3. Encourage customers by offering specials and discounts
4. Using employees as your own brand ambassadors that spread the word about your business
5. Having a direct dialogue with your current customers and potentially reaching new ones
6. Find new employees
7. Monitor reputation
How to start marketing
Social Media?
1. HootSuite account
2. Smartphone
3. Interact with your customers
4. Share the news
19% of music sales.
1. Make sure your company can be searched through:
Yelp.com, Urbanspoon.com,
2. Suggest that positive feedback will be shared on these social business guide sites
3. Twitter- sign up for a Twitter account.
4. E- Newsletter
5. Blog
6. Google Alerts
7. Facebook
8. MySpace
9. Youtube
Brands use platform like Instagram and Tumblr to showcase their new collections
In addition, an increasing number of designers are live streaming their Fashion Week shows online.
Fashion brands are no longer the only trendsetters in the industry. Social media allows people to set and affect trends.
social media in sports

 Social Media
is something that has changed our world drastically.

From news, sports, weather, and politics, social media is truly something that

People today love and will continue to love.

The drastic change that Social media has made in sports was not taken lightly.
The sports world has changed ever since the introduction of things like
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
• These social networking sites have created a new culture for sports and allowed fans access to athletes like never before.
• Fans can now read what their favorite athlete is doing at that time. This creates more interaction with fans for athletes
• According to sportsfangraph.com the top 5 Followers for a sports twitter account are as follows.
1. Fc Barcelona 15,307,919, followers
2. ESPN 12,836,109, followers
3. NBA 7,694,406, followers
4. Real Madrid 7,159,969, followers
5. Sports Center 4,885,988, followers.

• After reviewing these statistics we can tell that twitter has made a significant impact on the sports world.
 Twitter and social media in sports also play a part in donations for charity. For example, in 2011 Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said he would donate $1,000 for every catch and $10,000 for every touchdown catch he made in the month of October for breast cancer. In addition to that Larry said that he would donate 10 cents for every twitter follower he had gained in that month. By the end of the month Larry had donated $19,000 in catches and $15,000 from twitter followers.
 This shows us that Social media is something that has changed the sports world forever and will continue to shape the way things are done in the sports industry.
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