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Maria Cristina Caloian's Portfolio

Advertising & journalism experience of Maria Cristina Caloian

Caloian Cristina

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Maria Cristina Caloian's Portfolio

Maria Cristina Caloian's Portfolio



*calitative/cantitative research
*sports editor
* creative concept collaboration, promoting
"The School for alternative thinking"
*news editor
social, economics & foreign affairs
*copywriter on

Gazeta Sporturilor, Rawmania Festival, Red Bull, WWF, SKOL
# Admirative Interviews with cultural people from Romania.
# 'Photo devie, de Marie', personal photo blog
* Photo © cautatoriidepovesti.ro
*until 2010.08
radio announcer
& Redactor Ro-NewsRadio
Admirative Interviews
Press aparitions
* Blog: colectionandcioburi.blogspot.cz

Cristina appeared on the market on the best day of ’89, 11th of August, ruining the vacation plans of her parents. She enjoys Dadaist poetry, jazz and photography and wants to make a career out of this.

The first contact she took with a factory was in her hometown, in a rainy morning where she hardly found a seat in the bus that was going to ‘ALDIS’ meat factory. There, the 15-years old girl, among the long shifts slept on overalls on the floor, carried 40 kilos cases and got lost in the big coolers of the factory, between monstrous pork carcasses. She was quite young so she wasn’t complaining right away.

After that she studied Journalism and Mass Communication, and Advertising and Public Relation Master Programe in Romania and Czech Republic. On her way to this she published a poem book, she worked as a marketing specialist and radio announcer until she finally hit 'Headvertising' advertising agency as a copywriter. Meanwhile, she worked in some newsrooms and even made interviews with the cultural personalities she once admired.

Even if she never mentioned this in her CV, she went through all the student period jobs: hostess, collecting signatures in the electoral campaign, false client in pubs, promoter using flyers, focus-groups participant, or president of an electoral college, activities that meant even more as an overall experience.

In her free time she’s excited when it comes to tennis courts, stadiums in general, her mother, aunts and her grandma, of black tea with milk and London or the Interbelic period.

Even before she wrote these lines she has finishing her weekend shift for the Romanian news site Antena1.ro. But this is somehow an old story, because meanwhile she worked (travelled) in U.S, and also studied (worked) in Czech Republic.

She’s still learning and hopes that she will never finish to study.
Story of Maria Cristina Caloian
Some of the trips
CLIENTS Brands & Bears
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