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Glenstal Abbey School

No description


on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Glenstal Abbey School

For my second production I choose to work on the school where I was during my trip.
When we arrived to the school, the headmaster, a monk calls Father William welcomed us.
Glenstal is a school since 1932 and the first headmaster was Father Columba Skerret. Only five years after the beginning of the monastic life.
Then during my time in the school I met some of the others catholic benedictine monks who live in the Abbey and four of them teach in the school.
The thing I notice in the school is the difference between the old part that looks like a castle and the very modern part.
Old part
Modern part
The school is situated in the village of Murroe, in a huge property.
The name of the school is Glenstal Abbey School because just next to the school there is an abbey, that we can visit and it's also for that some teachers of the school are monks.

Of course the religion is very important in this school and all the morning there was a prayer. 

In the school there is only boys and all of them love sports and especially rugby by the way 6 Glenstal players play with the Munster under 18.
Glenstal Abbey school is a private school so all the students pay 17 000 euro each year.
The main building is a Norman Revivalist castle. It was designed by William Bardwell, an English architect in 1839, but he intended Glenstal to look like a twelfth-century castle.
That was really strange in this school because the monks have to wear a religious habit but the students can wear jogging and slipper.
The school is in the countryside but the students can ask to the school to call a taxi to go to the city, of course the parents pay.
In Ireland from 12 to 18 years we are in secondary school.
Ronan (my exchange partner) is in a special year in Ireland that is call the transition year.
The transition year is the 4th year of the secondary school, it's a cool year where the students work a very little bit and do many activities.
Thank you for watched this production.

In what way Glenstal is a special school ?
The parents pay a lot of money to bring their sons to this school because the conditions of work are very good with a teacher for 15 students and there is 100 percent of success at the final exam.
They made the modern part because they wanted to expand the school.
In this school there is only boys, like that the students are maybe more concentrate. But in the 20 teachers of the school there are women.
There is 250 students in the school and 80 percent of them are in the internship.
Glenstal Abbey School is the 2nd best school of Ireland, and after this school lots of students become business man or lawyer.
The president Michael D. Higgins studied in this school, and now he always comes each month to the abbey.
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