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Case Study 4

EDUC 641 Summer 2013

Dallas Oran

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Case Study 4

The Scenario Discussion Conclusion Case Study 4 Dallas Morrow
EDUC 641 Taia was in the "lay over" program, spending an extra
year in Jr. high. She applied her self and not only passed
to go to high school, but that she is gifted.

Taia doesn't want anyone to know. The school will
expect more. Her mom will expect her to go further.
Her dad wants her to work full time in the shop and
thinks an 8th grade education is enough. Working for
the family is her only option and an education wont
help her do there. -the parents will get the test results
-considerations of home life
-she does not have to take advanced classes
-she does want to finish high school

What is our responsibility?
-to fallow a student's wishes
-to help them achieve

What would be the benefits of
high school vs. college? Should Mr. Quiock speak to Taia's parents?

Should Mr. Quiock discuss Taia's education options
with her?
-advanced vs. normal classes
-benefits of high school diploma vs. college EDUCATION CODE
SECTION 51100-51102
Outlines parents' rights and ways to support their student's education as well as the mutual respectfully relationship between parents and educators.
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