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(Public) The Evolution of IT Organizations in the Future of Work

YCameron / Constellation Research, December 2012

Constellation Research

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of (Public) The Evolution of IT Organizations in the Future of Work

The Evolution of IT Organizations in the Future of Work Yvette Cameron
Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc. December 6, 2012 IT Faces Challenges on Many Fronts How IT can Counter A Next Generation Point of View Challenges to Today's IT Organization
How Innovative Tech Leaders Can Counter
The Four Faces of IT
A Next Generation Point of View Considerations The Buyer-led Revolution The Four Faces of IT IT Needs to Balance
Business & Technology Requirements IT Transitions From Cloud Skeptic>Partner>Driver Integration Leaders Plan For External Systems Scaling Intelligence Leaders Invest in Data Standards and Access Innovation Leaders Invest in Business & IT Alignment Hybrid IT is here to stay Lights on, Cost Reduction Connect Int/Ext Ecosystems Identify Disruptive Tech Empower w/ Actionable Insight Infrastructure Leaders Look to Disruptive Tech For Savings Source: Informatica 2012 Is the IT department even relevant anymore? From Transactional to Experiential Systems Forces
Change Mobile is changing the game Social Networking Outpaces
Other Communication Change Management Business Level Integration Security Enterprise flexibility
& Choice Governance What Business Executives Expect from Next Gen Analytics Mismatch! Low IT Priority...
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