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"Daedalus & Icarus" Theme Prezi

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Camila Correa

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of "Daedalus & Icarus" Theme Prezi

February 13, 2013 Unit 3: Movin' On Up
How can we make progress on our ELA State exam? Accessing Prior Knowledge 1. What is the broad theme of a fiction text?
2. What is the message of a fiction text??
3. What steps do you take to identify the message from a broad theme of a text? Ask yourself the following questions:
1. What issue is the character facing?
2. How does the character deal with the issue?
3. How does the character resolve the issue?
4. What advice would the character give? = Message Steps to Identifying a Message Text:
Ovid's Metamorphoses: Daedalus and Icarus

Dissect the text to discover the broad theme & message, also known as theme.

- Annotate the text
- Notes in the margins
- Circle unfamiliar words Instructional Practice Task #1: Answer the four questions that help you identify the message/theme.
1) What issue is he character facing? evidence
2)How does the character deal with the issue? evidence
3) how does the character resolve the issue? evidence
4) What advice would the character give? evidence

Task #2: Create our graphic organizer for TWO broad themes & messages.
Broad theme -> Message -> Evidence -> Explanation of evidence Ovid's Metamorphoses: Daedalus and Icarus AIM:
How can we develop a deeper understanding of
theme? Homework: Read "The Death of the Red Masque" by Edgar Allen Poe.
-Annotate the text thoroughly.
-Determine the broad theme and message of the story.
-Give three pieces of evidence to support the theme and message you determined. Part A Question: Which of the following sentences best states an important theme about human behavior as described in Ovid's "Daedalus and Icarus"? A. Striving to achieve one's dreams is a worthwhile endeavor.
B. The thoughtlessness of youth can have tragic results.
C. Imagination and creativity bring their own rewards.
D. Everyone should learn from his or her mistakes. a. "and by his playfulness retard the work/his anxious father planned (lines 301-311)
b. "But when at last/the father finished it, he poised himself" (lines 312-313)
c. "he fitted on his son the plumed wings/with trembling hands, while down his withered cheeks/the tears were falling" (lines 327-329)
d. "Proud of his success/the foolish Icarus forsook his guide" (lines 348-349)
e. "and, bold in vanity, began to soar/rising upon his wings to touch the skies" (lines 350-351)
f. "and as the years went by the gifted youth/began to rival his instructor's art" (lines 376-377)
g. "Wherefore Daedalus/enraged and envious, sought to slay the youth" (lines 384-385)
h. "The Partridge hides/in shaded places by the leafy trees... for it is mindful of its former fall" (lines 395-396, 399) Part B Question: Select three pieces of evidence from Ovid's "Daedalus and Icarus" that support the answer to Part A. Summary How does identifying textual evidence help support the theme from a text? DO NOW Using "The Masque of the Red Death": 1. Read ONLY the first paragraph of the text.
2. Using a PENCIL, annotate the first paragraph.
3. In your notebook, make a list of the things you did to annotate and why you did them.
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