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NCSP | Managed Gigabit Switches

No description

Accvent Marketing Services

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of NCSP | Managed Gigabit Switches

End of Module
What comes in the box of a NEXXT managed switch?
Switch + Power Adapter + Mounting Hardware + QIG
(Quick Installation Guide)
Three-port cable and power adapter
Nexxt Solutions provides high quality services and effective solutions whenever necessary , making it important to mention that the warranty for these devices is for life .
When do you use a managed Gigabit switch?
The Nexxt Webwise switch is especially designed for small and medium businesses that require high-performance connections to ultra fast speeds.
It is used to control the flow of information across the network , managing the data packets sent and received on each port.
Additionaly, it is a simple switch to manage via a web browser.
Quality of Service
It is a feature which can adjust one or more ports by allocating a fixed bandwidth to prioritize the functions and data transfer of these devices, such as servers, IP cameras, or other switches.
high priority
high priority
low priority
low priority
low priority
Smart phone
IP Cameras
Desktop PC
Creates separate virtual networks within a physical network without interfering with each other operation.
LAN Virtual
On Nexxt Solutions Webwise managed switch there are two ports for connectivity with other devices on the network through fiber optic, helping reach much further distances.
Fiber Optic
Up to
You can expand the scope of your network over 50 miles through a fiber optic interface.
This type of connection permits two far buildings to communicate with few errors and little interference, given that fiber optic connections have a wider bandwidth for heavy-long distance applications.
The MAC address is the identification number of the network card on electronic devices
Webwise switches have the ability to store up to 8000 users with its MAC address.
Dirección MAC
At the time that data is transmitted, the switch is responsible for determining which device the information is sent to, considering its MAC address of the unique user receiving the information .
MAC Filter
Port Mirroring
The purpose of this function is to use the same information being transmitted through a port and mirroring it internally as a diagnostic tool to help eliminate faults from each data packet.
A copy of each data packet from the switches port is captured using an analysis software and it is studied to help eliminate transmission issues.
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