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bentley wilson

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Sioux


Appearance and Clothing
Women typically wore dresses made of deerskin or buffalo hyde.
The Sioux Tribe embraces shamanism, animism and polytheism. Although the U.S. government attempted to ban the Sioux's religious practices during the 1800s, many 21st-century Sioux still believe in the tribe's traditional spirituality and have reinstated some of its previously controversial dance ceremonies.
Weapons and Tools
The Sioux indians made Bows and Arrows and Spear
Everyday Life
The Sioux Indians were nomadic and normally got their source of food, clothing, tools, and housing from the buffalo that were in the area.
The Tribes Region
The Sioux Indians came to North America from the continent of Asia about 30,000 years ago.
By Bentley Wilson and Michael Scott
They mainly followed the trail of the buffalo but stayed near the plains region.
In the 1500's the Spanish introduced the tribe to the horse which they used for carrying tool while hunting and while transporting items.
Men typically wore leggings or shorts made of also deerskin or buffalo hyde.
The Sioux Indians were know for their long jet black hair
The women also made jewelry out of shells and beads
Major Beliefs and Practices of the Sioux Indians
The weapons were normally made out of wood, rock, or parts of the animals sush as buffalo and deer that they hunt for.
Leadership roles within the tribe
Music and Art
Works Cited
Chief Red Cloud was a great leader known for his wisdom and bravery.
Another Chief would be the Sitting Bull who was a man that cared for the wounded
The Sioux were hunters and gatherers and normally ate buffalo, deer, and other crops that they ad planted.
During the Winter when buffalo was hard to find the Sioux women made buffalo jerky
The Sioux were known for how important art was to their life.
The tribe decorated and bejeweled most all of their clothing and used buffalo skins to make art designs with and decorate their tepees with.
The tribe normally got most of their songs from other tribes in the area
The Sioux tribe used buffalo hides to build tepees for thier shelter.
The tepees were normally about 12 feet tall.
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