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Baseball cell analogy

No description

Trevon Patton

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Baseball cell analogy

Baseball cell analogy
Cell Membrane/security people
In a cell the membrane is what allows things to go in and out of the cell. The security people who make you pay to get in the stadium are like the cell membrane.
The nucleus/Team Manager
The nucleus in the cell is what is in charge of the whole cell. So in a baseball stadium the team manager is the nucleus because they are in charge of the whole team.
The ribosomes are what creates the proteins. They look at the data and make the proteins. The game announcer reads what is going and then spits the information out like
a ribosome makes proteins.
The nuclear membrane/coach
The nuclear Membrane is the Coach because if someone gets hurt then he tells the public if the player is ok just like the Nuclear membrane. Because it protects the nucleus from harmful things just like a coach protects the players against rumors.
Endoplasmic Reticulum/GM(general manager)
The endoplasmic Reticulum Is like the GM/Agent is who invites and recruits players to the team so the team has enough members to get the job done. Just like the Endoplasmic Reticulum because it is involved in the production and exportation of proteins.
Golgi Body/Vendors
The golgi body is like the vendors because they give out food across the whole stadium. For the fans to enjoy. just like the golgi body because it gives out nutrients for the rest of the cell to use and keep on going.
DNA/team logo
The dna is like the logo for the team because most teams have a logo and a logo is what defines your team and in a cell the dna is what has chromosomes and defines what the cell will be like genetically.
Vacuoles/Concession Stand
The vacuoles would be the concession stand because they store all the food and when you need it you can get it so the fans have more energy. Just like how vacuoles have all of the nutrients and energy for future purposes.

Mitochondria/Drinks for team
The Mitochondria is like the water/sport drinks because the players drink it so they can get energy. the mitochondria is what fuels the players to play. Just like how in a cell the mitochondria is where they get all of their energy from.
Cell wall/Stadium walls
The cell wall is the stadium stands because they are a sturdy structure around the stadium so it stays together. Just like how in a cell the cell wall keeps the whole thing together and one structure.
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