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the Kate effect


Jolinda Lin

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of the Kate effect

the Kate Effect
초등학교때와 중학교때초등초등학교때와 학교때와 중학교때
SGD145 million in retail sales value in 2007
large amount of toys purchased
Growing affluence and consumerism
throw-away society
Extracts from an article from The New Paper, 24/12/2010
Extract from an article from The Straits Times, 20/11/2011
Who is the goddess
of British girls?
Thank you
for listening!

1. Fashion economy
2. Wedding economy
3. The little prince economy
Fashion economy
£ 1,000,000,000

clothes cost = $ 114,000/year
make-up cost
$ 2335/year
hairdressing cost
$ 17100/year
manicure cost
$ 6940/year
fitness cost = $ 2090
skincare cost = $ 19608/year

The little

At a time of recession, the Royal Wedding was expected to give British economy a lift, with tourism, merchandising and broadcasting best placed.
800,000 visitors
50 million pounds
food & drink
200 million
souvenirs & wedding
158 million
Before he was born, the betting business had launched a series of bets for baby’s sex, name, hair color, etc..
The bet ”baby’s name” was up to 100 million pounds. Even the betting company people said that was the largest novel market they had ever seen.
According to the Daily Mail,
little Prince George is already
having the same effect on sales of
baby-themed paraphernalia as his
mother has on fashion.
The baby retail market has been predicted to grow to over 2.3 billion pounds over the coming years, an increase of nearly 20%.
Famous silver brand Thomas Sabo launched the British Royal Charm.
The Royal Mint announced that they would issue a new 28 pounds worth coin for the little prince.
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