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Jessie Williams

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Horses

By Shannon, Emma, Taylah and Jessie. Horses The handy tips to know about grooming are:

That you have to groom the horses
coat the right way of it will go funny
and it irritates the horse.

The kind of grooming tools are:
-Braiding Elastics
-Comb WITH handle
-Treating tools (for worms and bugs)
-Leather Soap
-Sweat Scraper
-Horse shampoo and conditioner
-Metal Curry
-Body Brush
-Curry Comb Grooming Types of riding.
show jumping- Show jumping is a competitive sport where riders jump over a course of fences. they get 4 penalty points if they knock down a bar.
dressage- dressage is a balance, obedience and flexibility program where riders compete. and they do repeating patterns, you have to make your horse look its best as well by having a shiny coat, clean bridle and saddle and plaited main.
barrel racing-Barrel racing is a rodeo event that a horse and rider attempt. they go in a clover leaf pattern around barrels the fastest time wins.
cross country- cross country is where riders compete over a wide area of land and it has jumps and obstacles in it the one with the fastest time and the least penalty points win. American Paint Horse
American Quarter Horse
American Saddlebred Horse
Appaloosa Horse
American Standardbred Horse
Arabian Horse
Clydesdale Horses
Missouri fox trotter -Soft Brush
-Hard Brush
-Face Brush
-Hoof Brush
-Fly Spray
-Show Sheen
-Hoof Pick
- Shoe Polish (Which protects the horse from further damage to the hooves because it is like a water proof and dirt proof barrier for the horses hoof.) - By Shannon
(this circle) The Most Common Breeds Of Horses Morgan Horse
Palomino Horse
Peruvian Paso / Paso Fino
Tennessee walking horse
Thoroughbred Horse
Miniature Horse
Pinto Horse
Mustang Horse These are the parts of the horses And some info If you groom your horse regularly then you will find that you will not need to spend money on things to polish up the horses coat. Here is an example of someone grooming a horse. Pics of different kind of horses by shannon cross country. dressage show jumping barrel racing
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