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A vision of senior year!

No description

Bianca Tellez

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of A vision of senior year!

Complete your Capstone Senior Project by the end of your senior year!

"Who Am I?"
I. Industries
a.) Research
(1) http://hbswk.hbs.edu/industries/
(2) What problems are they facing today?
(3) What solutions can you propose?
b.) Learn to use a ‘fishbone diagram’

Learn to develop a question
Learn to develop a hypothesis
Participants (1), Instrumentation (2), Procedures (3)

Proposal to Mrs. Zepeda
Library Resources
Destiny Catalog
Discovery Education

Research Paper
10-12 pages
A Glimpse of problems & Solutions

By: Bianca Tellez, Cindy Cantu, and Kassandra Gonzalez
What will we cover?
1.) “Who Am I?”
2.) Methodology
3.) Proposal to Mrs. Zepeda
4.) Library Resources
5.) Research Paper (10-12 pages)
6.) Mentor
7.) Board/Product
8.) Prezi
9.) Speech Outline
10.) Reflection

1. Cover Page
2. Introduction to the Problem
3. Career Pathway
4. Literature Review
5. Mentor
a. Roles and Responsibilities
b. Observations
6. Methodology
a. Participants
b. Instrumentation
c. Procedures
7. Analysis
8. Conclusion
9. Reflection
10. References
a. Use APA Guidelines

complete 20 hours
Ask questions
Take note of mentor’s daily routine

1. Hook
2. Objective
3. Research Topic
4. Career Goal
5. Hypothesis
6. Methodology
7. Analysis
8. Conclusion

Demonstrates/showcases your project
Speech Outline
1. Base off Prezi
2. What points will you cover as you present?
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