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Ancient China Dynasties

No description

Isaac Fish

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Ancient China Dynasties

Ancient China Dynasties
The Dynasties By:
Jackson Kite, Ethan Cargill, and Isaac Poisson
The Shang Dynasty
The Earliest dynasty for which There is a written record
They used cracks in oracle bones to predict the future
They attacked neighboring land to expand their territory
Instead on an alphabet they used pictographs
They built dikes/or walls to hold back water
They made pots, cups, and weapons out of bronze
They were best known for their bronze metal working
The Zhou Dynasty
They believed that they had the Mandate of Heaven
The Mandate of Heaven is the belief that they had heaven's support to rule
To stay in power they had to be kind, just, and serve the interest of the people
Through war the Zhou expanded it's land as far as a territory that was near the Chang river
The Shang Dynasty Images
Han Dynasty
Second ruling dynasty
Rebel named Liu bang conquered the Qin and started the Han dynasty
Han Dynasty lasted for about 400 years
Han followed Qin example of creating a strong central government
The Han government was organized like a pyramid
The strength of the Han government lay in it's civil service
Zhou Dynasty Images
The Han Dynasty Images
AWC text book for info
Picture cites
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