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Powned Imageproblem?

maurice m

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Assesment

Assessment: Crossmedial Imageplan Maurice Muselaers
Klas: CO 2B Name: Maurice Muselaers
Class: CO 2B First things first.. New Daring On top of the news humor straight to the point Critical on the edge Imageproblem? Internet success People fear Powned will be just as sweet as the other networks! Solution! PowNed is on top of the news! are you? Concept Contest News & actuality Members & Wannabe members Powned & Geenstijl.nl Winners Prizes How does it work? sign up Dowload the Poster Grab a camera Find the latest news Take a picture Post it Promote it Win win win! Why should this solve the problem? creative & interactive Mission statement news Trends & developments
community target group Goals So, how do we communicate this? weblogs social media Newsmedia Powned Twitter nujij.nl Expanses? Low costs
Message? result? Losing members Reasons GeenStijl Hyves Youtube Dumpert Newsmedia.nl Powned exists for and because of their community! Law of the Media Interactivity Powned Media Law Community rules Don't care about the rules play by the rules
??? ''Doesn't care about rules'' So.. are you on top of the news?
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