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How to change your passcode

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How to change your passcode

How to change your password on your IPod or IPhone
The next step will be vary slightly. If you have a newer iPod or iPhone that has any updates then your device would go straight into passcode but, if you have an iPod 3 and didn’t get any notification for any updates then you would go into settings, select general and go into passcode from there.

Once you are in the passcode mode with the ipod 5 or 6 go and click on change passcode. However if your have an ipod 3 or an ipod 4 once you are under general then go under passcode and hit change passcode.
Step 1:
If you are tired of typing in the same old password over and over again this is the first step on how to change that. First thing you would want to do is turn on your device and go into your settings which will be on the first page.
After you have done that it willl ask to put in your old password where you would type it in. After you are done typing in you old one it will ask to plug in your new one. Type it in. It will then ask you to comfirm your password, where you type in your passcode for a second time.
Once you have completed number 4 you can now turn off your device and try it out . I hope these directions have helped you with this process
Maddy Buskey

Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5:
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