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Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson Prezi

Block B | Last Edited 4/13/13

Amanda Lattanzi

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson Prezi

What is a Patriot? What does the quote "I was chained between two nations" mean? A Patriot was someone who was against the King and wanted to fight for freedom. They often rebelled against the King's laws and taxes and believed that they should govern themselves. What is a Loyalist? A Loyalist was someone who did not believe in going to war with Britain. They respected the King and listened to what he said. They did not want to fight for independence like the Patriots. Loyalists wanted to stay under Britain's rule. In Chains, Isabel thinks, "I was chained between two nations" (272). Isabel is chained between two nations... In Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, Isabel is a young child whose old master has just died. She is then sold to the Locktons, a cruel and rich family and finds herself in New York, where Loyalists and Patriots are largely divided. Her masters are strict Loyalists, but her new friend Curzon tells her she should be a Patriot and fight for independence.She doesn't know where she belongs- should she side with the Patriots and go against her strict Loyalist master, or side with the Loyalists and try to free herself? Isabel cannot decide where she belongs, or who she should side with. She is chained between the Loyalists and the Patriots, and she doesn't know who she should join. She has three options: 1. Side with the Loyalists and join them as a nurse or aid in battle
2. Side with the Patriots and disobey her master
3. Try to run away and free herself Question #1 Describe the use of the term chains in the novel. Is it a metaphor? If so, what for? In the novel, chains are brought up several times. For example, when Isabel says "I was chained betweened two nations." Slaves were chained up when they were being kidnapped, and when they were on the boat. Isabel is a slave who doesn't know who she is- a patriot, or a loyalist. She understands the benefits of becoming a patriot, but she also understands the benefits of becoming a loyalist. When she says she is chained between two nations, it is a metaphor that she is stuck in the middle of loyalists and patriots, and she doesn't know which to choose to become. Question #2 In what way does Isabel believe she would benefit by siding with the Loyalists? Isabel believes she would benefit by siding with the Loyalists in a few ways. Her masters are strict loyalists, and she did not want to disobey them. If she decided to side with the Patriots and her masters found out, Isabel would be in great danger. They would beat her severely, or her sister, since they knew how much Ruth meant to Isabel. Isabel thinks, "She'd already done so...I would bleed, or not. Scar, or not. Live, or not." Isabel is thinking about what would happen if she went against her masters. If she decided to side with the Loyalists, she would not have to deal with her masters being angry with her. Question #3: Isabel believes she would benefit by siding with the Patriots in a few ways. The author writes, "I curtsied, proper-like. 'Pardon, ma'am, but they've arrested the master. Madam is poorly.' She nodded. 'They've been hunting Loyalists all day'" (Page 76). This shows that Isabel knows that if she becomes a Loyalist and people find out, she and her Masters would all be shunned. Most of New York were Patriots, and so many Loyalists, like Mr. Lockton (Isabel's master) were arrested. Isabel knows if she becomes a Patriot, people would support her more, like her Patriot friend Curzon. In what ways does Isabel believe she would benefit by siding with the Patriots? Question #4 What decision does Isabel make at the end of the novel? Do you think she made the right decision? Why or why not? At the end of the novel, Isabel decides to run away with her friend Curzon from her slave owner. She frees herself and is just beginning to search for her sister when the story ends. I agree with this decision because if I were her, I would not want to be under someone's control and I would want to find my sister. If she is not caught, it will have been a very good decision. So, in the end, Isabel chooses to run away and free herself. At the beginning of every chapter of the book, there is a quote or excerpt from a primary source document. Here are a few. "Run-away from the subscriber, living at No. 110, Water-street, near the new slip. A negro girl named Poll, about 13 years of age, very black, marked with the small-pox, and had on when she went away a red cloth petticoat, and a light blue short gown, home made. Whoever will take up and secure the girl so that the owner may get her, shall be handsomely rewarded.
-Newspaper Advertisement
in the Royal Gazette (New York)" "But as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.
-Thomas Jefferson, writing about slavery" Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing a Political Side Patriot Patriot/Loyalist/Run away N/A Loyalist/Run away Run away Loyalist -Most people in her area were Patriots, including her friend Curzon -Her masters were Loyalists -Running away with a group of them meant freedom -She gets to be free -She will be able to have more control over her sister -She would be going against her strict Loyalist masters Patriot/Loyalists She will know
what side she is on Either way she has a
chance to free herself Once she chooses what side she is on, it will be easier for her to make decisions Would I recommend this book? I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars. This is because
I feel nothing made the book special or interesting. There were only a few parts that were intense or intriguing. I would not recommend this book for people who don't like learning about the history of slavery, but I think it would be a good book to read if you are interested in learning more about slavery.
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