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Copy of Technology Club

No description

jennifer suzuki

on 16 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Technology Club

Hiki No
Contact and info
This club is a serious commitment. We will be representing our school in many local and national events and students will be expected to be dependable and self-directed. We will also be doing various fundraisers to offset travel expenses and students along with their families will be asked to assist.
Tech Club Bazaar
Tante's fundraiser
September 2
$25 Buffet
Kids zone, food booths, community partners, rummage sale &
--silent auction items!
PBS-Student Reporting Lab
Fair booth--Crepes
-20-25 students may attend
Students will be selected by
how capable and hard working they are & by the ability to fund trip.
-Held in Nashville, TN, March 9-25
(also visiting New York).

Crepes--$8.00 per ticket
Furikake Salmon $12.00

$30 Per Student
16 GB SD card
Use of Equipment
Club Dues
We need workers for all 4 days
of the Fair
We need to sell 30 tickets each
We also need people to help set
up and tear down the booth

Greenhouse/Garden Project
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
learn how to plan, plant, maintain an organic garden.
learn how create balanced soil
how to compost
understand health benefits of healthier eating
Computer Club
Mondays and Tuesdays
Monday - Friday 2:00-4:30
No Wednesday
students must be picked up by 4:45
Tuesday & Thursday 5-8
Saturdays 12-4


look under programs
2:00-4:45 Monday-Friday
Except Wednesday
Upcoming dates--You will receive email reminders

-September 2-Lunch Buffet at Tante's Island Cuisine--$25 ticket, Cash only
-September 7, 5:00pm parent meeting for Fair planning--Mandatory for all students who are going to be in the club for sure.
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