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CIL 2010

Computers in Libraries 2010

Margeaux Johnson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of CIL 2010

Computers + Libraries 2010 Themes Cool stuff Blah stuff really cool stuff "Free like kittens. Not Free like beer" web 2.0 tech takes a lot of time and human power to implement.
The upfront costs are not always readily available. Planning on
upkeep after implementing library web 2.0 projects is really important. Gen X Librarianship:
"The Sandwich generation" There was a lot of discussion about gen X taking on management roles... and how different Gen X is than Baby boomers. I, personally am not buying it! "Ill considered ideas hastily implemented can be a great success"
-Joan Petit Joan said this in reference to an info literacy class that she taught in Egypt. Student assignments were due as a series of blog posts, which seemed like a great idea when she planned the class. However, in Egypt free speech is banned and bloggers are often jailed. But once they did, they class was an amazing success! The students were very hesitant to get started with blogging. Mobile Natives Forget the
"digital natives"...
these kids today are
growing up as
"mobile natives." We have to think about ways to combine the digital and the physical. Dont think about mobile websites.
Think about:
mobile experiences
augmented reality
QR codes
ways to combine space and information that we are already doing.... LibGuides
Wikis ... or stuff that was just repeats of what we heard at the Handheld Librarian Conference or stuff about how self-important Gen X is... As a member of Gen X, I would like to say...
"Get over yourselves! And STOP giving contentless presentations" SoPAC

Smithsonian Commons

Library instruction Podcasts Social Catalog Social Catalogs based in Drupal
can build digital branch libraries
UX = user experience driven
Allow for tagging, reviews, ratings
Allow for cool widgets
Like creative commons, but with high quality images from the Smithsonian Institutions.
It doesnt exist yet, but it will soon! Library instruction podcasts loaded to Blogs or iTunes U!

Podcasts for students

Podcasts for librarians (Adventures in Library Instruction) microsoft surface! Like a table sized iPhone!
interacts with real world objects
can create programs for learning University of Nevada, Reno has purchased 3.
This has led to:
Increased partnerships with computer engineering
Programs that interact with library resources
Collaborative spaces in the library
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