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Disney vs. Grimm's Fairy Tales

No description

Katherine Nguyen

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Disney vs. Grimm's Fairy Tales

Disney vs. Grimm's Fairy Tales Katherine Nguyen The Grimm Brothers Similarites Cinderella Snow White and the Seven Dwarves The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid Cinderella Snow White and the Seven Dwarves The Little Mermaid Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Cinderella Typically, in Disney film adaptations of the Grimm brothers fairy tales, "Happily Ever Afters" always exist. In the tale of Snow White, Snow White is envied by a jealous queen when a magic mirror informs her that Snow White is the fairest in the land. The queen then requests a hunter to bring her Snow White's heart. However, the hunter instead returns the queen a pig's heart, and tells Snow White to hide deep in the forest. In the forest she encounters a house full of seven dwarves. One day, the queen learns of her whereabouts. She comes to offer her an apple disguised as an elderly woman. Snow White suddenly falls into a deep sleep, but then is awakened by true love's kiss. Ariel, daughter of King Trident, dreams of living among humans. One day, against her father's wishes, she trades her voice for legs. Prince Eric finds her along the shores and takes her into his castle. At first, he believes that she is the maiden who rescued him from drowning at sea, but then realizes she cannot talk. Ariel feels as if she is living a dream. That is until the evil sea witch decides to, as well transform into a human. She tricks Eric into thinking she was the one who saved him from drowning. When the sun sets, the sea witch takes Ariel's soul and Prince Eric discovers that is was Ariel who had saved him. He then rescues her from the witch. King Trident permanently transforms Ariel into a human. Prince Eric and Ariel then live happily ever after. The Disney film adaptation of Cinderella is closely followed for the most part. However, instead of having talking mice and a less gory version forcefully making a slipper fit, there are talking birds who inform the prince of the step sister's fraud. One step sister, in order to make the slipper fit, cuts off her heel. Her mom claims that a princess would not have to worry about walking.The birds then, also poke out the sisters' eyes and the two are forced to live as blind beggars. Originally, as well as Snow White's heart, the Queen requests her lungs and liver as well to be served for dinner. When Snow White is poisoned by the apple, she is not awakened by her prince. She is rather awakened when jostled by a horse that was carrying her coffin to the prince's castle. The slipper fits and Cinderella lives happily ever after with her prince. Snow White as well lives happily ever after with her prince after being poisoned by the queen. Ariel is a mermaid and the sea witch casts a spell on her. Conclusion Disney Ariel does a lot of swimming in the Disney film, right? Well, in the original version, Ariel is cursed by an evil witch. Her curse causes her to have describable amounts of pain every time she moves. Prince Eric was also, never in love with Ariel. In fact, he marries another woman who he had originally been in love with all along. In order to return to the sea, one of Ariel's sisters offers her a knife to kill the prince. However, instead of killing the prince Ariel kills herself as she cannot bare to see the prince with another person. Cinderella is left with her evil step mother and two step sisters when her mother and father pass away. She is treated poorly by her step sisters and must clean the house instead of going to the ball. Instead, with the help of her fairy godmother, she is able to attend the ball and dance with the prince. When the clock approaches midnight however, she flees the ball leaving behind just a glass slipper. Then, the prince is able to find Cinderella through a search of the kingdom, finally escaping life with her evil step mom and sisters. Although Disney had significantly altered the original story lines, it was for the good of little children everywhere. Disney had done the right thing to replace the Grimms' original stories with happier, less violent ones due to a young audience. When I was four, I was terrified of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and still am at a certain level. If I were a four again, watching Ariel commit suicide would have left me in therapy.
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