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Advertisements for LONDON

No description

Sarah Pangman

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Advertisements for LONDON

-Create an account strictly for LONDON
-We would start a group
-Advertisements on the home page
-Add bigger companies to our group It will appeal to our market because Facebook has been directed more towards a younger generation (has become more popular considering the accessibility from cell phones and computers BIllboards -Popular Location (downtown)
-Electronic Billboards
Use commercials
-Make them really big
-Fairly flashy
-BIG letters
-Provocative imagery (sex sells)
Magazines Website Commercials Celebrities Movies Music Stickers/Decals Busses Taxi Cabs Cars Clothing Radio Posters and Such Flyers Restaurants acebook Newspapers The Mall We will take our merchandise to the mall and set up a booth near the most crowded part of the mall so when people walk by and plaster the walls with our posters to promote LONDON - We would create a page for LONDON and add it into a popular magazine.
- If things go over we are hopefully planning to make our own magazine. - Our goal is to create a commercial that will catch the attention of television viewers of all ages.
-With our bright and flashy colors the LONDON commercial for sure be memorable. - We will get our local and and provincial radio station to help us promote LONDON by brodcasting our commercials on air. -Whats better then promoting our clothing line by special T-shirts that have the LONDON logo on it.
-We are planning to sell these shirts to other companies.

-We are also planning to sell merchendise to companies like Holt Renfrew
- We will use one of everyone's favorite restaurants (The Keg, The Moose Factory) to help us promote LONDON merchandise by using one of their walls that is seen on the outter side of the restaurant. -Forget the plain old black and white pages of a newspaper. The pages that will be used to promote LONDON will be filled with our company colors, along with the pictures of our newest merchandise. Sponsers -Provide costumes and acessories for a movie - For red carpet events we will provide high end clothing for them to wear for free as long they mention our name on the red carpet interviews. Transportation Paper Create our own flyers using recycled paper We will sponser an underground band as long as they promote LONDON by wearing our clothes. Stickers are beneficial because they are able to go everywhere and anywhere Benches
Bus Stops Schools
News Stands
Hydro Poles Buildings Stereos <3 Taylor Lautner <3
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