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What is QR Code?

For education purposes

Khow Jing Yi

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of What is QR Code?

What is QR Code? Review Topics Problem Statement
Introduction of QR Code
Specifications of QR Code
Types of QR Code
Creating and Reading of QR Code
Advantages of using QR Codes
Challenges and issues of QR Code
Application to FYP Presented By: Khow Jing Yi Problem Statement Not so acceptable in middle-aged folks
Misunderstood of what QR code are
Don’t know what to do with the QR code
Not willing to do research on understanding the QR Code What is QR Code? Matrix code
Denso Wave in year 1994
Contain information in both vertical and horizontal direction
Hold several data
Easy to create Specifications of QR Code 1. Size of Symbol 2. Data Type and Volume 3. Data Conversion Efficiency 4. Error Correction Level Types of QR Code 1. Contact Information 2. Calendar Event 3. Email Address 5. SMS 4. Geo Location 6. Text 7. URL 8. WiFi-Network Creating and Reading QR Code Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Advantages of using QR Code 1. Readability 2. Flexibility 3. Save Cost Easy to read
Read anywhere and anytime It is static
Information cannot be changed No need spend money on buying special scanner Challenges and issues of QR Code How many middle-aged folks using smart phones? 35% own their smart phones
48% using other cell phone
17% have no cell phone or smart phone Application to FYP 1. Generate a QR Code which contain company's help desk phone number 2. Generate a QR Code which included company's Fan page URL Direct contact with company help desk support team
Prevent wrong phone number entered Faster way to access the company Fan page by mobile phone
No need remember URL
Avoid wrong enter Q & A
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