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Characterization in Purple Hibiscus

No description

Rachel Piper

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Characterization in Purple Hibiscus

Rachel Piper P.-6 Kambili Achike Chukwuka "Jaja" Achike Eugene "Papa" Achike Beatrice "Mama" Achike Kambili's Aunt, Papa's sister
Professor at the University
Widow, has 3 children: Amaka, Obiora, and Chima
Not wealthy
Catholic, but respects traditional ways of her father
Grows purple hibiscuses
Very wise and a great role model to Kambili and Jaja
Has a signature "cackling, hearty laugh"
Moves to America with her children
Her lifestyle make Jaja and Kambili rethink theirs
"Did you see your Papa-Nnukwu's face in death, Kambili?... He was smiling.' (Adichie 186)." Protagonist
Self-conscious= stutters often
15 years old
Lives under strict influence of Catholicism in her father's home
Expected to be the best at everything, including school: if not she would be punished by her father
Learns to develop her own thoughts and confidence in speaking out against authority
Develops "crush" on Father Amadi
Learns to take responsibility and act like an adult, coming of age
"And I could not find the words in our eye language to tell him that my throat tightened at the thought of five days without Papa's voice, without his footsteps on the stairs (Adichie 108)." Kambili's older brother
17 years old
Defiant eventually against his father and religion
Doesn't go to communion(!)
Takes the blame for everything Mama and Kambili do wrong= gets put in jail for 3 years
Big brother figure to Obiora and Chima
Interested in purple hibiscuses= freedom
Extremely smart
Loves Nsukka
"'We are going to Nsukka today, not tomorrow. If Kevin will not take us, we will still go. We will walk if we have to.' (Adichie 261)." Antagonist
Kambili and Jaja's father
Oblate in Catholicism
Looked up to for honesty, generosity, and strong faith among Catholic Nigerians
Wealthy, runs many factories and publishes the Standard
Abuses his children and wife at home
Rules the household, strict
Has abandoned his relationship with his father
Gets poisoned by his wife and dies
"'I asked if you wanted to stay i the car.' (Adichie 29)." Kambili and Jaja's mother
Really quiet, doesn't talk back
Loyal to her husband (until she poisons him)
Has many miscarriages after Kambili
Eventually decides to protect herself and her children by poisoning Papa slowly over time to kill him
"The black type blurred, the letters swimming into one another, and then changed to a bright red, the red of fresh blood. The blood was watery, flowing from Mama, flowing from my eyes... For Mama's forgiveness (Adichie 35)."
Aunty Ifeoma Characterization in Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Man, I wish I had some cereal...just kidding... Kambili Papa- Nnukwu Kambili's Paternal Grandfather, Papa's father
Only sees them on Christmas for 15 min.
Stays on his faith through his ancestors
Not wealthy, blames himself for his son's abandonment
Dies of old age and health issues, but dies with a smile on his face
Great story-teller
"'It was then that I knew that the white man was mad. The Father and the son are equal?' (Adichie 84)."
Father Amadi Catholic Priest
Kinda likes Kambili
Helps her first learn to laugh and smile
Assists her in making her own decisions and doing what is best for her
"'You can try... You can do anything you want, Kambili.' (Adichie 239)." Work Cited: Adichie, Chimamanada, and Chimamanada Adichie. Purple Hibiscus. London: HarperCollins, 2004. Print.

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