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College Presentation

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Jada Smith

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of College Presentation

Deadlines Jhonson & Wales
University Emily Griffith Technical College Deadlines College Road Trip! University Of Los Angeles (Reach School) Location Los Angeles, California 30% white
3% Ethnicity unknown
18% Hispanic/Latino
32% Asian
3% Black/African American
4% Two or more races
10% Non-resident Alien Race/Ethnicity Gender 55% Women
45% Men In State/ Out of State 93% in state
7% out of state Sports/Activities Radio Station
Year Book
Ice Hockey
Skiing Large School 27,941 Undergraduates
5,621 1st time degree-seeking freshmen
27,933 degree-seeking undergrads
13, 400 Graduate enrollment Admission=Nov. 30th
Financial Aid=Mar. 2nd In-State Cost On Campus=31,815
Off Campus=28,688
At home=23,256 Out-of-State Cost On Campus=54,693
Off Campus=51,566
At Home=46,134 Scholarship Basketball
Cross Country
Tennis Average Age 21 Housing Co-ed Housing
Fraternity/Sorority Housing
Apartments for married students
Apartments for single students
Theme Housing
Wellness Housing
No Pets
Freshman permitted to have a car
93% 1st year students living in college housing
35% All undergraduates living in college housing Unique Facilities Centers for cancer research
Graphic & animation labs
Museums with specialized collections
Plasma physics research labs
Particle Center
etc... Letters of recommendation/personal Essay Optional/Yes! ACT/SAT 25-31
560-680 R.
700-760 M.
590-710 W. Majors (Bachelor's, Masters, Doctoral) Political Science
Music, General
Film/Cinema Studies
Business Administration
Social Work Connection B/c its LA. I love to be outside
learning new things.
Having fun! (Target School) Location N. Miami, Florida Race/Ethnicity 24% Black/African American
23% Hispanic/ Latino
21% White
18% Ethnicity Unknown
11% Non- Resident Alien
1% Two or more races
1% Asian Sports/Activities Volleyball
Student Newspaper
Music Gender 60% Women
40% Men In State/Out of State 59% In state
41% Out of State GPA 3.5-3.75 Average Age 21 Small School 1,990 Total Undergraduates
497 1st time degree-seeking Freshmen
1,990 Degree seeking Undergrads ACT/SAT N/A
400-500 R.
400-500 M.
410-510 W. GPA 2.50-3.24 Admission= N/A
Financial Aid= N/A In State Cost On Campus= 41,161
Off Campus= 37,321
At Homes= 32,821 Out Of State Cost On Campus= 41,161
At Home= 32,821
Off Campus= 37,321 Scholarship N/A Housing Coed Housing
Apartments for single students
Wellness Housing
Theme Housing Unique Facilities University Operated Hotel Letters Of Recommendation/Personal Essay Optional/Yes! Majors Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts
Fashion Merchandising
Tourism/Travel Management
Hospitality Administration Connection I love beach
Fav show is in Miami Requirements 4 yrs of English
3yrs of Math
3yrs of Science
2yrs of Social Studies
SAT/ACT Requirements 4yrs of English
2yrs Foreign Language
2yrs of History
3yrs Math
2yrs of Science
2yrs of Science- Lab
1yr of Visual Arts SAT/ACT University of Colorado Boulder (Safety School) Location Boulder, Colorado Sports/Activities Baseball/Softball
Ice Hockey
Radio Station
Dance Activity
Model United Nations Race/Ethnicity 75% White
9% Hispanic/Latino
5% Asian
3% Two or races
3% Non-Resident Alien
3% Ethnicity Unknown
2% Back/African American GPA 3.00-3.75 Gender 46% Women
54% Men In State/Out of State 37% Out of State
63% In State Large School 25,805 Total Undergraduates
5,472 1st Time Degree Seeking Freshmen
25,239 Degree Seeking Undergrads
5,920 Graduate Enrollment Act/SAT 23-28
530-630 R.
540-650 M.
N/A W. Average Age 20-21 Deadlines Admissions= Jan.15
Financial Aid= Apr.1 In State Cost On Campus=27,854
Off Campus=25,024
At Home=20,298 Out Of State Cost On Campus=49,750
Off Campus=46,920
At Home=42,194 Scholarships Basketball
Cross Country
Track & Field Housing Coed Housing
Apartments for married students
Apartments for single Students
Fraternity/Sorority Housing
Special Housing for disabled students
Theme Housing Unique Facility Natural History Museum
Outdoor Theater
Concert Hall
Heritage Center
Mountain Research Station Letters of Recommendation/Personal Essay Optional/Yes! Majors (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral) Music Performance
Film Connection Still close to home
New location in Colorado Requirements 4yrs of English
3yrs of Foreign Language
4yrs of Math
3yrs of Science
2yrs of science-Lab
3yrs of Social Studies (Associate, Bachelors) Location Denver, Colorado (Alternative Pathway) College of Design Industries Culinary Arts
Fashion Designer
Porfessional Floral Design THE END
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