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Perfect - Hedley (LYRICS ANALYZED)

No description

Mitchell Ho

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Perfect - Hedley (LYRICS ANALYZED)

Perfect - Hedley Lyrics Analyzed By:
Clare M, Dylan & Mitchell Most Powerful Literary
Devices 5 Senses Imagery Metaphor Evidence/Example Evidence/Example Theme Mood Why We Chose It Quick Snippet of the
Song Brief Summary
of Song Attributes of
This Song - Easy to connect and relate to the lyrics - A man (The writer) loses someone precious and dear to him (Perhaps his lover) The mood of this song is sad and depressing. but at the same time is up lifting to the listener/reader. For example in the song he says "I'm not alive if I'm lonely".

Another example is "it tears right through me".

Also"as holding as i can feel you holding on". The words "not perfect" are repeated numerous
of times throughout the song to add emphasis Author is saying how he feels broken and like he's being ripped apart from being hurt inside. “Falling a thousand feet per second, you still take me by surprise”. Is an image. I think that he is saying that everything is moving so fast but you do stuff that is surprising. If you were to be falling a thousand feet it would be surprising and scary, so I think it would take something horrendous and unexpected to “catch you by surprise” - Catchy tune - Gives hope towards certain aspects of
life - Lyrics are meaningful - Clear and powerful message - Questions if it's his flaws or imperfections (Personality, himself, something he said, etc.) causing the grief in their relationship - Points out that he isn't perfect (Implies he may not be the ideal match for his lover) but still tries to be the best of himself Theme & Mood Does not matter if you are perfect or not, because nobody is As long as you try to improve and work on
your weaknesses And try to be the best of yourself at the end of the day The phrase "I'm not perfect, but I keep trying cause
that's what I said I would do from the start" - Implies for us to persevere on despite
our flaws and imperfections - Implies that not everything is perfect Gives examples of his (The writer's) weaknesses in the context of the song - "My personality?" - "Just myself?" - "Something I said?" "When you've got nowhere to
run, and you've got nothing inside." Hope you all
enjoyed! Meaning Author is implying that he no longer has a significant being or lover to go to As a result, he feels emotionless and lifeless without the
sense of security his lover once provided - "You've got nothing inside" - Feelings and emotions come from the "inside" of your body - Thus having "nothing inside" is to feel blank and insensible - "When you've got nowhere to run" - To have "nowhere to run" is to have no exits/paths to leave when in doubt - Thus having "nowhere to run" is to have no solutions or forms of help Meaning
(Cont'd) Why it's Powerful Allows reader to relate to the theme and understand it more thoroughly - Gives the reader a sense of failure
and flaw (Part of the theme) - "Nowhere to run" & "Nothing inside" Metaphor also puts emphasis towards the
theme - Line prior and similar to the
metaphor - "When you're caught in a lie, and you've got nothing to hide" - Being the final line adds emphasis - "tears right through me" - Feeling broken and helpless - Like heart hurts bad feeling in chest - "Choked up" - Having pain due to breakup
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