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Makeup for the Decades - 1950s‏

No description

Stephanie Procenko

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Makeup for the Decades - 1950s‏

Iconic figures Films Music Magazines Fashion/cosmetics Books Social movements Marilyn Monroe- a sad story of a beautiful woman who carries the world and men in the palm of her hands is world`s most famous sex symbol. Norma Jean Baker has been dead for 45 years still continues to set trends and being one of the most well recognized faces in history. Her most famous films include Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) and Some Like It Hot (1959). Over the years there have been many imitations of her such celebrities as Madonna and even lady gaga to an extent. The actress is famous for her bombshell Monroe hair, the mole on her left cheek resembling beauty, hour glass figure, and the flattering dresses that complimented it. Elizabeth Taylor- Elizabeth Taylor, the iconic Hollywood star whose tumultuous romances and precarious health challenges often played out as larger-than-life Elizabethan dramas. She was admired for her generous charity work but sometimes controversial for her turbulent personal life. 8 marriages, the three-time Oscar honoree, fragrance and jewelry mogul and tenacious AIDS activist possessed many talents, including a remarkable gift for self-appraisa A sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate to be a thing. Natural Day Look Evening Glamour The Looks of the 50's Glamourous and ultra feminine
Main focus: Eyes and lips
Dewy and pale
“Pancake makeup”

Dominant looks
Natural day look
Evening look Fashion of the 50's Hair was soft, curly, and much shorter, not to distract from the face. Makeup of the decades Stephanie Christie, Aly Dominic, Nadine D’Elia, Lauren Kitchen, Jessica Mendlowitz, Stephanie Procenko The 1950's

Revolution of social and popular culture

Cosmetics influenced by:
Books & magazines
Iconic figures
Social movements Formal, integrated with relaxed fashions

Waistline, female figure

Key fashion items
Basic, prints, embellishments Film The look of the 1950s was most heavily influenced by cinema and emerging Hollywood Film changed from black and white to Technicolor, and makeup was developed in order for actors and actresses to appear flawless. . Max factor was responsible for the development of pancake makeup, which was adapted for everyday wear. Desirable and sensuous women Books and magazines Popular book titles

Charlotte’s Web
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Horton Hears a Who!


Fear – motivator of purchase
Make-up for women Magazines
projected women as elegant and perfect. Music Post WWII Social Movements of the 50s Challenged virtues of conformity

Culture of music – place and time to get together

Popular musicians and influences

Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
Elvis Dominant Looks Emerging Hollywood
Black and white to Technicolor
Max Factor
Desirable and sensuous women Max Factor Marilyn Monroe
“Blonde bombshell”
Standard for American Beauty

Elizabeth Taylor
Iconic brunette
Signature features

Elvis Presley
Strong personality
Defined era End of war
Men back to work
Women in the home
– rebirth of the “housewife”
Economic prosperity
Time for fun
Pop art and creative advertising
Driver of consumption Iconic Figures What did the 50's do for us today ? Boom in cosmetic industry
The desire for makeup
Signature looks
Makeup as glamour We hope you enjoyed our presentation ! :)
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