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What is CampUK 2014?

A summary of what this year's camp is all about and what to expect if you are thinking of booking - go to www.campuk.org for more info

Sajad Jiyad

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of What is CampUK 2014?

CampUK 2015
The aims of CampUK
Provide fun, safe and suitable activities, entertainment and environment for youths and families

Engage in spiritual development based on the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (AS)

Offer personal development workshops that can equip individuals with better life skills.

Provide a platform for community, leaders and providers to meet and develop.
CampUK is a residential summer camp. It is the first camp of its kind, focusing on three core components:

engaging physical activities

spiritual instruction

personal development workshops.
When is it?
23 - 30 August 2014

Right after the month of Ramadhan has ended, perfect as a Eid holiday
So where will it be?
Condover Hall is a multimillion pound facility, over 20 beautiful acres of private grounds and countryside

Formerly a boarding school, the leisure company that runs it now is a leader in camping and sports activities in the UK

Near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, around 1 hour from Birmingham and Manchester
Why do we need CampUK?
The accommodation
The Facilities
The Activities
Around 60 available, too many to list here, check our site for the list

They are all great fun, we've tested them ourselves:
For Men and Women...
And Families
We'll explain all...
The speakers
and MANY more
What is the camp program?
What now?
Go to www.campuk.org to read more information

Book and join us!
The details
Open to all ages from 0 to 100

Booking deadline is on 31 July, some rooms are selling out quickly

Ticket prices start from £99 for children to £249 for adults

Prices include accommodation, meals, activities and workshops
To give you an insight into a project that can solve the communities problems
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