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Defeating the Unwonderer

Teach students how to socially wonder about others and hold a conversation.

Ada Ledin

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Defeating the Unwonderer

How does the
Un-Wonderer stop you from
socially wondering about others?
1. Look at the speaker.
2. Listen and then ask your friend a “social wonder” question.
4. Ask a "wh" question!
She stops you from showing interest in others.
She stops you from asking your friends questions and reading body clues.
5. Create a "friend-file"!
How can you defeat the

3. Stay on the topic!
Use your Superflex powers and strategies to defeat
the Un-Wonderer when she tries to invade your thinking.
How can you defeat the Un-Wonderer?
My friend loves
to swing!
My friend likes to ride bikes!
My friend plays on a baseball team.
My friend lives with his mom, dad and two sisters.
My friend has a dog named Sam.
She gets you to talk about only what you want to talk about.
Here come 5 Superflex strategeis to defeat the
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