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The Glass Castle

No description

teaghan belanger

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of The Glass Castle

Family Portrait "The Glass Castle" This song relates to Jeannette Wall's family life in many ways. It represents how Jeannette dreams of having a normal life, with normal parents and food on the
table. It reminded me of Rosemary's fighting with Rex and the pain it caused everyone in the family. One line reminded me of Jeannette's love for Maureen and how she stated in the book that she felt like she had failed her. English 11 Sorry its late Songs that remind me of by P!NK "Daddy please stop yelling, I can't stand the sound. Make mama stop cryin, cause I need you around My mama she loves you, no matter what she say sits true I know that she hurts you, but remember I love you, too" Maureen had to deal with being the youngest and most neglected, she had to deal with an alcoholic father and an unstable mother. Rosemary loved Maureen, she loved all her kids but could not help her actions because she was a free spirit who could not handle a stable job. Welcome to my life by Simple Plan The song's lyrics represent Jeannette's home life and how I believe she felt at the time when all these events occurred. It must have been hard moving around a lot and as the song states "Do you ever feel out of place? Like somehow you just don't belong. And no one understands you" This line represents the hardships Jeannette faces in school, always feeling like the poor kid who doesn't belong. Feeling embarrassed because her mother and father are homeless. Mockingbird by Eminem This song relates to the love that Rex had for Jeannette, he would do anything for his daughter. When Rex is homeless in New York, Jeannette tells her father that she has to drop out of college because her scholarship didn't cover an extra $1000. Rex, even though he was homeless refused to let her quit and told her he would pay it. This proves although he may be a violent alcoholic he genuinely cares about his daughter. "No more crying, wipe them tearsDaddy's here, no more nightmares" This line reminds me of the point in the book where Rex tells Jeannette that; ‘That was the thing to remember about all monsters, Dad said: They love to frighten people, but the minute you stare them down, they turn tail and run.’ He helps Jeannette get rid of her demons and tells her to face her fears. Walk like a stranger by Billy Currington In Billy Currington's Walk like a stranger, he talks about dealing with an alcoholic father growing up. It reminded me of the Glass Castle because Rex was always stumbling around and at times he was so drunk that he wasn't himself, but Jeannette never gave up in him for too long. She would go pick him up from the bar, she would give him money for alcohol and cigarettes and she would take care of him time and time again. She wanted him to be a role model for her but she knew she didn't want to follow in his footsteps. Temporary Home By Carrie Underwood "This is my temporary home It's not where I belong. Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through. This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going. I'm not afraid because I know this is my temporary Home." This line in the song and the title of the song reminded me of "The Glass Castle" in many ways, they move around a lot and all homes are temporary. They don't have a home, and even when Jeannette finally has a permanent home she can't feel comfortable because she isn't used to staying somewhere for a long period of time. By Jeannette Walls For the Love of a daughter by Demi Lovato This is another song that relates to Rex's alcoholism and Jeannette and her relationship. Demi Lovato says "Oh, I can be manipulated. Only so many times, Before even "I love you" Starts to sound like a lie" this is much like how Rex took advantage of Jeannette's love for him. He always said "Have I ever let you down?" and Jeannette always felt the need to lie to protect his feelings. This song also reminds me of the part in the book where Rex tries to quit drinking out of love for Jeannette. Atlas Hands By Benjamin Francis Leftwich This is one of my favorite songs, and one of the lines is "I've got a plan I've got an atlas in my hands, I'm gonna turn when I listen to the lessons that I've learned". It reminded me of how often they moved around and how sure Rex was of his latest plan and how strongly the parents believed in learning from your mistakes and making plenty of them along the way. Here we go again by Paramore This song reminds me of Lori and her relationship with her mom, she promises to write because she love her but isn't sad to go. She wants to leave and start a new life but feels as if she is tied down and doesn't regret leaving at any moment. Praying For Forgiveness By Alicia Keys This song reminds me of Rosemary and her finding religion in things to explain her actions. It also touches on the theme of forgiveness going on throughout the book Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Covered by Johnny Cash I chose this as one of the songs that remind me of the book, because Rex sings this song quite often. Mostly when he is drunk. The most memorable time this song is sung in my opinion is when Jeannette is getting a ride home from a man at the bar because Rex is too intoxicated to walk, and he is singing at the top of his lungs. By Teaghan Hughes
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