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...Foundational Truths for Life...

"...It takes a woman to birth a baby - it takes a man to birth a man..." Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Inspirational, 'Aspirational', Motivational - Elements that enhance the quality of life...May you muse and ponder these sayings.

Dr. Jeffrey Pouncey

on 28 May 2018

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Transcript of ...Foundational Truths for Life...

The Birth of a dream:
“The course of one’s dreams is not unlike the birth canal; it’s a course often traveled alone...until the point of delivery...”

“Hard work always ‘pays off’; laziness always ‘pays up’...”

Humility's Platform:
Complement vs.
"...It takes a woman to birth a baby -
It takes a man to birth a man..."
Where are our pregnant Men?
Challenge Is Good...
“Challenge is the barbell that develops the ‘muscle’ of the mind”

Community Vitality
"Community is
than the
Sum of Its Parts..."
forget to
Quote me..."
- Dr. Jeffrey Pouncey

Let us not forget the generational link...
"When Old Men forget... Young

have nothing to remember..."
The Force Within...
“Perseverance is the internal force that prevents the implosion of dreams...”
“Confidence and security is the 'pedestal' on which rests humility...”

-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
“Personal Life & Liberty relies upon four elements:

1. Taking personal responsibility.
2. Taking personal responsibility in achieving social consciousness.
3. Taking personal responsibility in achieving social consciousness towards embracing social responsibility.
4. Never fail to do the first three.”

Social Responsibility...
“The danger of political correctness: it has all to do with the ‘mouth’ of the harbor and little to do with the ‘harbor’...”
Hidden Agendas...
The Year of Our Lord: May 2015
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
Not so far Down...
"Should you ever slip or trip: the fall is
much shorter
between humility and humiliation..."
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
Forward Progress...
"...Have Faith: Your pits may be 'stepping stones' in disguise..."
- Dr. Jeff Pouncey
“…My quandary: it’s not the bad things that
people do – it’s the good people that
allow it
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
Who's Holding the line these days...
The Bases of Courage...
"Courage is the inoculation of
The Scope of our 21st Century thoughtfulness:

"Common Sense: It's definitely 'common', but doesn't make much sense..."
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
The Diversion Effect...
"Smoke screen diversions come in many forms - even in the noise created by the 'errant side' of the community while the 'excellent side' sneaks in...
-Dr. Jeff Pouncey
Builders of One Another
...'Metal sharpens metal': unless one is weaker - he gets deep cuts...
Dr. Jeff Pouncey
Prevent Suicide...
“Behold: A robust and strong community –
never has to mention ‘suicide’ to prevent it...”
~ Dr. Jeff Pouncey

"While the eyes may be the
'mirror of the soul'
; the mouth is the
'bay window' of the heart

Dr. Jeff Pouncey

“I asked GOD for His
wisdom – When I opened my eyes -
I was surrounded by ‘Old’ People...”

Dr. Jeff Pouncey

“...Observation is worth more than a
thousand questions...”
Dr. Jeffrey Pouncey
The Power of Observation...
Pouncey Brothers...
Solidarity, Strength and Inter-Generational Sustainability
“…In the name of honor and discipline…”

“...When the morality gate is lifted –
laws can’t keep up…”

- Dr. Jeff Pouncey, PSY.D.
Consequence is the steering-wheel of behavior...
Dr. Jeff Pouncey
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