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English 251 Final

No description

Katie Lee

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of English 251 Final

I Believe

1.)Never try to fight against the flow of life.
2.)Kiss in the rain.
3.)Hold the hand of a loved one.
4.)Don't turn a blind eye to the inevitable.
5.)Be rough around the edges.
6.)Never be afraid to open your heart to the doors of the unknown.
8.)Walk tall.
9.)Dare to embrace imperfections.
10.)Pursue the most outlandish dreams.
11.)Wear bright colors; they improve the mood.
12.)Take care of family.
13.)Look for animals within the clouds.
14.)Never pity yourself.
15.)Search for your inner-child.
16.)If a person asks for an opinion, be brutally honest.
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