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Soft Geometries

No description

Erin Kline

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Soft Geometries

plug-in for grasshopper

live physics engine for interactive simulation

focuses on simulating forces KANGAROO GRASSHOPPER RHINOCEROS katie honneywell, erin kline, and keegan riley SOFT GEOMETRIES:
Simulation and Fabrication rhinoceros
3ds max 3-dimensional
non-uniform rational b-spline
(NURBS) modeling

rhino gained popularity from its ability to
import and export over 30 file formats,
making it a converter
tool between programs rhino 3d gained its popularity
in architectural design
because of the grasshopper
plug-in which allows
for computational design .

grasshopper is a parametric
modeling tool. free-form
3-dimensional designs plug-in for rhino
but mainly for grasshopper

topological mesh editor

creates polygonal and
triangular panels to make
a structure feasibly constructable

when using grasshopper,
weaverbird allows for more
parametric control WEAVERBIRD
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