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Human Evolution

No description

David Garcia

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Human Evolution

What is Evolution?
Evolution is a theory widely accepted by the science community. It states that animals evolve or change to better fit their environment.
Who thought of our modern evolution?
Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace published a new evolution theory.
How did he come up with an evoultion theory.
He came up with the evolution thory by using the information he published known as Natural Selection.
Common Descent
This theory states that all the life on earth descended from a
common ancestor
Does another species have the same common ancestor as humans?
Yes there are major species that share DNA with humans one being ape that share a whopping 98.5 with humans!
What changed in us?
Many things changed in our ancestors to lead us into


things that changed is, smaller jawbones, a changed standing up stance and a larger cranium or skull.
Human Evolution By David Garcia
picture by http://animal-dream.com/ape.html
by https://sn
(left) picture by http://www.biography.com/people/charles-darwin-9266433
How long have we been around compared to earth?
Comapared to earths history humans have been on earth for less than a blink of an eye.
Work cited
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