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Negotiating Your Salary

No description

Christine Kourinian

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Negotiating Your Salary

On the Decline...
Why Don't People Negotiate?
Are Americans
Mars vs. Venus?
Salary Negotiation Tips
Benefits Package
the whole picture
Geographic location
Work environment
Corporate culture
Presented by: Christine Kourinian
Graduate Success Career Counselor

Negotiating Your Salary 101
Fear: 21%
It’s unpleasant: 19%
Lack of confidence: 15%
No negotiating skills: 15%
Satisfied with original offer: 11%
Other: 12%

Men are 4x more likely to negotiate salary than women
Don't forget to negotiate
Do your research: what is your value on the marketplace?
Connect with others
Be responsive, but don't commit early on
Never, ever, ever make the first move
Key: Get them to throw out the 1st #
Respond confidently
Know your floor
What is the minimum you would accept?
31% always negotiate salary after receiving a job offer
20% never negotiate salary during the job interview process
41% did not negotiate salary for the job they currently hold
Raises During Performance Reviews
On the Rise...
17% always negotiate for more money during reviews
24% negotiated for more money during their most recent review
Negotiation Outcomes...
Didn’t ask for more: 31%
Received less than requested: 22%
Asked but received nothing: 20%
Received the amount requested: 18%
Received more than requested: 5%
36% of men
26% of women
Unpleasantness of negotiation: 67% women, 50% men
Women: lack of confidence, inadequate negotiation skills, alienation, negative feedback
Performance Reviews: Women closing the gap
...takes tact, skill, and research
Salary only Factor?
Evaluating the Job Offer
Career goals?
Priorities & Obligations
Organization meets your standards, morals, values?
Enough challenge to grow, learn, develop?
Is it what I am looking for?
Salary Resources
NACE Salary Survey
Salary.com's wizard
1. ...be overly aggressive
2. ...be concerned with what others will think if you do negotiate
3. ...be too concerned about losing an offer if you negotiate
4. ...accept on the spot
5. ...disclose your pay requirements during the interview process
6. ...begin negotiating until you have an offer in writing
7. ...negotiate unless you are seriously considering accepting the offer
10. You should be scared to negotiate
9. I don't have the necessary information to negotiate
8. Everyone else always negotiates salary
7. Negotiation is too difficult to master
6. Negotiation works for everyone
5. You must disclose your current salary
4. Success is based on how much you increase your current salary
3. It's all about what you say
2. Everyone is on the same playing field
1. Companies will be offended if you negotiate
1. ...your research and plan your attack
2. ...know how much experience you have
3. ...be able to recite key accomplishments
3. ...know what you need
4. ...determine goals
5. ...be flexible, evaluate options
6. ...analyze the assets
8. ...document the deal
In reality, Negotiation can simply be "a conversation that ends in agreement." --Author Selena Rezvani
Phrases to Avoid
"I don’t know if you’ll consider this, but..."
"I don’t know if there’s room for this in the budget, but..."
Phrases to Utilize
"I'm willing to entertain any reasonable offer...
"The combination of my education, experience, and skills qualify me for an "X" salary range..."
"I will think about it tonight and give you an answer tomorrow..."
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