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The taiga plains

No description

asha mcfarlane

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The taiga plains

The Taiga Plains A Canadian Ecozone project in process Human Activities Major Issues within
the Taiga Plains What is an Ecozone Vegetation landforms Water/Climate Most of the People who live in the Taiga Plains live by the river, and most of the landscape is left untouched. In the majority of 22,000 - 34,000 people who live in the taiga plains make there life in mining, hunting, and forestry. Some of the major issues which are caused in the Taiga Plains are normally caused by the climate and the population growth in animals.
There are other major issues in the Taiga Plains like the fact that there are insect disease outbreaks in some forest An Ecozone is a region based on it's ecological characteristics. It includes information about areas in a specific spot. For example Landforms, Climates, Human activities, Major cities, vegetation, wildlife, and much more. The taiga plains has Boreal forests and Taiga forests, as well as Tundra vegetation The taiga plains is located in the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta The Taiga plains has little precipitation
200-500mm ,which means the temperature is cooler in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. The human activities have a small effect on the major issues in this ecozone but not a large one. These issues are normally caused by climate changes and the population growth in animals. They are also caused by the fossil fuels reserved in the Mackenzie Valley which are currently being used at the Pointed Mountain as gas fields Mining Hunting Forestry Asha
Mcfarlane -Some forest tent caterpillar cause moderate to severe defoliation.
- Global warming affects the lower water levels, it has less permafrost, longer growing seasons, there is an increase fire frequency, there is also an increase in incidence of insect infestations, and less caribou habitats.
- If temperatures increase by 3° then the white pine weevil can cause problems for 75% of the commercial forest.
- The Northern shift of the perma frost affect survival other northern ecosystems.
- And Climate changes will affect some of the life cycle of insects which may affect the nesting of birds Lynx ,Snowshoe Hare tracks ,Caribou antler ,Gray Jay ,Snowshoe Hare ,Willow Ptarmigan ,Wood Bison ,Common Raven ,Sharp-tailed Grouse ,Wolves at Bison kill ,Red Fox ,Ptarmigan tracks ,Boreal Chickadee ,Short-tail Weasel or Ermine ,Moose droppings ,Moose ,Moose-browsed willows, and Red Squirrel Wildlife Fish Birds Mammals There are surprisingly a lot of animals in the Taiga Plains. For example.... Plains Bison, woodland caribou, lynx, red squirrel, red fox, moose,ermine, snow shoe hare and many more The total area covered by water is over 88,000 km2 Paper Birch,Fire Snag ,Willow,Wild Rose,Trembling Aspen,Tamarack,Green Alder,White Spruce,Arboreal Lichens,Balsam Poplar,Jack Pine, Low rolling hills, scattered tress, the lower ground tends to be muskeg bogs,Slide scar,Sedimentary rock , Gully erosion,Abandoned stream channel,Shoreline slumping Many birds migrate in the taiga plains. In most summers they nest in the wetlands Raven,chickadee, red throated loon, ring necked duck, Canvasback, and many other loon/duck like birds migrate in the Taiga Plains The bald eagle and the peregrine falcon are two of the several other birds in the Taiga Plains which stay all year around There are multiple lakes and rivers, as well as swamps in this ecozone which is great for FISH longnose sucker Walleye Mountain white fish GDP is $0.5 billion short cool summers
10/ long cold winters
-26/-15 Some Facts Considering that the taiga Plains have such short summers and very long winters, the growing seasons are only 80-150 days. Boreal and Taiga forest Tundra vegetation Some of the vegetation in the taiga plains are The name of the substance that is used for fertilizer and is mined form the taiga plains is potash. Potash is used for mining and fertilizer because this substance is great for treating most of the land Northwest Territories Yukon British Columbia Alberta The Taiga has a biome and environment group that is found near the Arctic Circle around the 50 degree mark.

The taiga is a moist sub arctic forest with coniferous trees across North America.

The sun stays up later in this area. On one day of the year the sun stays up the whole night and day.

Most of the landscape has been virtually untouched by human activity.

There is a large number of insect populations. Fires are common in the taiga plains

The black bear, lynx, and wolf are the only large carnivores to be found here

This region is too far north for reptiles

Most settlements in the Taiga Plains are located by rivers

Snow and ice last for about 6-8 months out of the year

There are 22 000 people who live here

The eco zone is about 57% forest but has relatively little standing timber volume per hectare.

Taiga is Russian for the land of little sticks Tourist Attractions

Virginia falls

Wood buffalo park

Great bear lake

Great slave lake

Mackenzie River Great slave lake I hope you learned a little more about the Taiga Plains Thank you for watching !
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