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Technical REport Writing

No description

Jimmy Leong

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Technical REport Writing

Technical Report Writing
brought to you by Jimmy Leong
Technical Report
To construct and customise a report to meet increasing demands, management expectations, changing technologies and World Class competition.
Frustrations \ Barriers
Elements that contribute to a good Technical Report
Customer Oriented Reports
Communication Process
The professional ability to write Clear and Concise Technical Reports by conveying Quality Information from Composer (Writer) to the Audience (Reader) with the intention of securing the Stimulus (Right Response)
Report Structure

I have never written reports since I left college, how do you expect me to write?

Ask me verbally and I will tell you the problem/issue but ‘I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WRITE A REPORT’.

If I know how to write reports, I will not be a Technician but will be a manager.

I am an Action-Oriented Man and
I complete my job very well – So I do not need to write Reports.

Nothing to write

Our job is routine; there is nothing to write at all. Please refer to my Field Service Report we provided.

The Field Service Report tells everything and there is nothing more to add

How to write
Difficult to Write
Language Barrier
I am not familiar with English and can explain in my native language

You ask me in English, that is not a problem but to write up a report in English is a problem.
Do not know how to express
Customer-Oriented Technical Reports
Identify the Report Stakeholders
Desired information
Action Strategies
Skill 5Ws 1H
- will be reading the report?
- do you want to achieve?
- did incident occur & resolution?
- did the incident happen?
- did it happen?
- can we prevent it from re-occuring?
My manager always tell me to 'express' what the clients wants - how to express?

When I write long reports to share my thoughts but
my manager say my report is too long - How to express?
Technical Reports with Results Focus
What to achieve: Reduce Incidents, Reduce Breakdowns, Reduce Costs. Reduced Repeated Service, Enhance working process.

Customising based on needs: Supporting Information, Tables/Charts/'Negative' Information.

Know the customer expectations
Incident Technical Report Template
Step 1:
Identify Technical Report, Title, Purpose and Terms of Reference
Step 2:
Develop Technical Report Outline and Structure
Step 3
Relevant Technical Report Information
Step 4
The 'One Page' Technical Report Executive Summary
Step 5
Interpret and Justify Technical Report Findings
Step 6
Effective Technical Report Closing (Conclusion or Recommendations)
Technical Report Structure
Avoid Jargons
Try to avoid using technical descriptors for non technical readers.
Relevant and Supportive Information
Include relevant supporting information.
Think before we speak or
Complaint Reports 'Negative Information'
Provide descriptors to qualify customer's feedback on service/products
Quality Reports vs Quantity
Strive to ensure that the first report out is the best
Pre-Submission/Final Report Verification
Get a second opinion from a reader's perspective
Presentable Report Headers
The first image counts!
A picture speaks more than a thousand words.
Effective Numbering and Pagination
Include reference index(es) when required
Listening is the most forgotten communication process. Try reading your written message as you are the recipient, and consider if it will be effective.
Carefully select the medium to communicate your
message - appropriate to acheive desired objective
Consider when the communication should take
place, and how long it should be.
Use words which are relevant to the topic which
can be understood by the recipient
Obtain feedback to ensure if communication
was effective
Any Questions?
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