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Real World Services for Mobile Users

The Internet of Things has been promoted for various business domains, such as logistics, retail and manufacturing for some years. Recent RFID deployments in the apparel industry prove the strength of linking real world information with information system

Florian Michahelles

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of Real World Services for Mobile Users

Real World Services for Mobile Users
Dr. Florian Michahelles
Department for Information Management, Technology and Economics
ETH Zurich

Beijing (November 25, 2010)
Automatic Techniques up to 8 times faster (NFC/Text Entry)
About linear progression for multiple scans

Pointing on mobile phones is not pointing yet
Mobile diversity and tagging are obstacles
Barcode recognition the next step (?)
Manuel Entry vs. RFID vs. NFC vs. Barcode
Mobile Barcode Scanners
Product Rating: Starts vs. Text vs. Video
Future Kiosk
Implicit Product Rating
Mobile Augmented Reality
Hybrid Shopping
Social Networks
Architecting the Internet of Things
Thank you very much for your attention!
Study Results
Real World Services for Mobile Users
Dr. Florian Michahelles
Department for Information Management, Technology and Economics
ETH Zurich
fmichahelles@ethz.ch, http://www.im.ethz.ch/people/fmichahelles
Beijing (November 25, 2010)
Credits to: Dr. Mikko Lehtonen, Dr. Alexander Ilic, Dr. Felix von Reischach,
Stephan Karpischek, Erica Dubach, Irena Pletikosa, Andrea Girardello
Supply Chain
Product Empire
Library Robot
Thiesse, F.; Floerkemeier, C.; Harrison, M.; Michahelles, F.; Roduner, C.: Technology, Standards, and Real-World Deployments of the EPC Network, IEEE Internet Computing , vol.13, no.2, pp.36-43, March-April 2009
Lehtonen, M.; Michahelles, F.; Fleisch, E. : Trust and Security in RFID-based Product Authentication Systems. IEEE Systems Journal, Special Issue on RFID Technology: Opportunities and Challenges, First Quarter of 2008.
Ilic, A.; Andersen, T.; Michahelles, F.: Increased Supply Chain Visibility through Rule-Based Analysis of RFID Data, IEEE Internet Computing, vol.13, no.1, Jan.-Feb. 2009.
F. von Reischach, S. Karpischek, R. Adelmann, F. Michahelles: Evaluation of 1D barcode scanning on mobile phones, Internet of Things 2010 Conference (IoT2010), Tokyo, Japan, November - December 2010
S. Karpischek, F. Michahelles: my2cents - Digitizing consumer opinions and comments about retail products, Internet of Things 2010 Conference (IoT2010), Tokyo, Japan, November - December 2010
Budde, A., Michahelles, F.: Product Empire Serious playing with barcodes, Internet of Things 2010 Conference (IoT2010), Tokyo, 2010.
A. Girardello, F. Michahelles, Bootstrapping Your Mobile Application on a Social Market, Workshop “Research in the Large” at Ubicomp 2010, 26 September 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark.
von Reischach, F.; Dubach, E.; Michahelles, F.; Schmidt, A.: An Evaluation of Product Review Modalities for Mobile Phones, In Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGCHI SIGMOBILE International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI'10), Portugal, September 2010.
Karpischek, S.; Marforio, C.; Godenzi, M.; Heuel, S.; Michahelles. F.: SwissPeaks - Mobile augmented reality to identify mountains, Let's Go Out: Research in Outdoor Mixed and Augmented Reality. Workshop at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2009 (ISMAR 2009), Orlando, Florida, USA, October 19, 2009
Dubach, E.; Michahelles, F.: Field Experiment of Social Network Content on Public Displays in Small-Space Retail Shops, Pervasive Advertising and Shopping 2010 Workshop at The Eighth International Conference on Pervasive Computing (Pervasive 2010), Helsinki, Finland, May 2010
F. von Reischach, F. Michahelles, D. Guinard, R. Adelmann, E. Fleisch, A. Schmidt,: An Evaluation of Product Identification Techniques for Mobile Phones, Full Paper at the 12th IFIP TC13 Conference in Human-Computer Interaction (Interact2009), Sweden, August 2009
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