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Health Influences Project


Nicole Seward

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Health Influences Project


Ovarian Cancer
High Cholesterol
~Dark Skin
~Dark Hair
~BIG Brown Eyes
We are Catholic. This is the sacrement of baptism.
I am 50% Lebanese.
I am 25% Italian.
I am a little Armenian.
Running on Trail
Szaylay's Farm, Trails, Walking
Life Guarding, In Pool,
Dry Skin, Bad Hair
Supportive Relationships
Mi Familia!We are VERY Close! I talk to my mom almost everyday
health is really cool.
My house. There is lots of wild life. I have had to learn to deal with mice, bats, and skunks! I like that we have room for our kids to play and "be boys."
Coloring Easter Eggs
Christmas: Trees and Stockings
Blowing out Candles on the Birthday Cake!
beliefs and patterns of behavior that are shared by people and passed down from generation to generation
All of the traits that are passed down biologically from parent to child.
I like to go running for exercise and for stress relief but I always get scared that some crazy guy is going to jump out of the woods and kidnap me!
We are BIG Buckyeye Fans and love to go see a game at The Shoe. It's so much fun but very expensive!
This is my best friend since first grade!
These are just some of the crazy students I deal with. I love them all but shhhhh, don't tell them!
My sister is one of my best friends. We laugh ssooo hard when we are together!
All of the people I come in contact with. From family and friends to people in my community.
I am an
I am
I am not a risk taker or looking for an adventure.

I am an Idealist. I am friendly, enthusiastic, and prefer meaningful relationships/ friendships. I have the ability to see the "potential" in people. I am hard on myself if I feel I am dishonest or not sincere.
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