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No description

Alica Danesh Jesrai

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of Magazines

Magazine Boom
1860: 260 magazines in U.S
1900: 1,800
More discretionary money
Better printing techniques = cheaper
Postal Act: lower magazine rates
Magazines could scale up, go national
General Interest,
National Scale
Ladies Home Journal founded in 1881 by Cyrus Curtis
Curtis was the first to recognize the potential for national advertising in a general-interest publication
First issue (8 pages) illustrated short story, growing flowers, recipes, child care advice, needlework, fashion advice.
Between the Wars
Three types emerge:
- the digest (Reader’s Digest, 1922)
- the news magazine (Time, 1923)
- the pictorial (Life, Look, 1930s)
Reformist President Theodore Roosevelt dubbed crusading magazines Muckrakers.
McClure’s “History of the Standard Oil Company” by Ida M. Tarbell revealed bribery, fraud, unfair business practices and violence.
Other magazines, including Cosmopolitan, joined the crusade against corrupt businesses and government officials.
When the public tired of crusades, magazines searched for new ways to attract readers.
Postwar: Special Interest
Field and Stream
Sports Illustrated
Golf Digest
Popular Boating
Scientific American
Negro Digest, Ebony (pictorial), Jet (news)
More and smaller niches
But consolidation of publishers
City magazines
Orange County Metro
Orange County Business Journal
Advertising in consumer magazines drops 14% from 2007-2009
Second-tier magazines fold: House and Garden, PC magazine, O at Home
Big stores more selective about display space
Sweepstakes (Publishers Clearinghouse) mired in legal problems
Do-not call list
Proliferation of targeted cable channels (HGTV, Food Network, Travel Network, DIY< Discover)Internet and Google
Growing Magazines
Women’s Health
Fast Company
Digital Transition
Advantages: Available when you want it
Easily emailed to friends
Order products
Print, postage, recycling costs
Defining Features
Specialized audience
Connection to social, demographic, economic trends
Can influence trends:
- American revolution
- Muckrakers
- Playboy
- Ms
Leading Magazines
Print still brings in most of revenue
It also accounts for the most costs
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