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Revision Rounders

AS Media Revision Activity

Michael Smith

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Revision Rounders

Revision Rounders How does it work? You will be split into two teams Normal rounders rules apply with a few subtle differences Difference 1

In order to hit the ball you must answer a question correctly Difference 2

In order to score a rounder you must not ONLY get around all the bases but you also need to place your 'answer' on the correct base. Difference 3

Each base will represent a different theory or area of representation Difference 4

You will play 'innings'. Each team will have a maximum of 6 questions to play per innings Difference 5

I will be the 'pitcher' to ensure your safety and of course 'fair play' What now? You and your team mates are responsible for devising questions which help your class mates revise. Use the hand out provided to help you create questons Good luck!
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