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A Long Walk To Water

No description

Cailynn Bales

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of A Long Walk To Water

Plot Characters History Theme Setting Village of Loun-Ariik-1985
Salva's school- 1985
Akobo Desert-1985
Dry Season Camp- 2008
Itang Refugee Camp, Ethopia- 1985-1991
Ifo Refugee Camp, Kenya- 1992-1996
Nairobi, Kenya to Rochester, New York- 1996-2003 Plot: Falling Action Rising Action-
*Nya's P.O.V.* Nya sets the container down and takes a glimpse at her foot. There is a big thorn sticking from her foot. She tries to pull it out but instead winces in pain.

*Salva's P.O.V.* Salva hears gunshots from outside of the window of the building and gets down. His teacher hears more gunshots and tells the boys to run into the bush. A Long Walk To Water Who- Central Sudanese Government vs. Rebels
What- Second Sudanese Civil War
When- April 1983- January 2005
Where- Sudan (Southern) Spread to Nuban Mountains and Blue Nile
Why- They were fighting because the government wanted the country to practice Islam, but Southern Sudan was mostly Christian. The theme of the story is to
always be grateful for what you
have because sometime we all take
it for granted. Conflict Project by: Cailynn Bales
and Ellen Lee
Book by: Linda Sue Park Plot Introduction-
*Nya's P.O.V.* Nya is getting ready to get water for her family. She has to get there and back but things will limit her. Heat, time, and thorns.

*Salva's P.O.V.* Salva is in school. Everything is paying attention to the teacher except his eyes and his mind. Plot: Climax *Nya's P.O.V* She reaches the pond, she scooped up the muddy water and took a drink. Nya took 2 gourdfuls and started walking back home. *Salva's P.O.V* Salva was walking with a group of people and they were named 'The Lost Boys of Sudan'. The group took shelter in a barn and in the morning when Salva woke the group had left him. Salva found a woman from the Dinka tribe and stayed with her for a few days. Some men from the Dinka tribe came to the woman's house as she was fleeing, and she left Salva with them. During their trip, Salva later found his uncle Jewiir, and his new friend Marial, who later died from a lion attack. #A Few Years Later# Salva is in a refugee camp in Kenya. It is closing down and soldiers are chasing people from the camp and near the river. Salva led more than a thousand "lost boys" for a year and a half to a refugee camp to Ethiopia. They start posting a list of names for America, and Salva was on the list. Thank You Plot: Resolution *Nya's POV* Some people
visted her village and said
they could find water. A few
days later they started to
a drill one of the parts break.
The people have to make a
makeshift part. *Salva's POV* Salva goes to the airport, the plane takes off. Salva lands in America and meets his new parents; Chris and Louise.#A few days later# Salva is informed that his father is in instant care. Salva flies back to Africa and learns that his father got sick from a waterborn disease. Salva gets an idea to try to get clean water for Sudan. The well in Nya's villageis finished and everyone is overjoyed. Nya sees the leader of the project and Dep tells her that he heard he is from the Dinka tribe. Nya goes to talk to the leader. At the end Salva and Nya meet each other. Salva
Uncle Jewiir
Mawien Dut Ariik
Dep *Nya* The Conflict of her story was that she had to walk about 3 miles to get water for her family, that wasnt even sanitary. The water she carries carries many diseases. *Salva* The conflict of his story was that when he was a kid, war struck his village and he fled from his family and hadnt seen them for about 3 years, and had to live in refugee camps, where he didn't know anybody.
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