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Lead Small

No description

Phil Rhynerson

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Lead Small

When we
lead small

we simply
make a choice to invest
strategically in the lives
of a few over time so we can
help them build an authentic
But not just from
Youth Group, but
on to maturity.
A continual journey
for the rest of their LIFE!

Connect their faith
to a community
"so we cared for you. Because we loved
you so much, we were delighted to share
with you not only the gospel of God but
but our lives as well. (1 Thes 2:8)
Your JOB:
To Care
To Love
To Delight
So.... How do we do that?
1. Show up
2. Show up
3. Show up
Clarify their Faith
as they grow
Tension is actually the
platform that gives you an
opportunity to demonstrate
that this is a safe place.
How you handle conflict
How you handle hard questions
How you handle discipline
How you handle fears
1. Lead
the group
2. Respect
the process
3. Guard
the heart
Trust is one of the
most important parts
Lead your group to
Value confidentiality
Lead your group to
Value acceptance
Lead your group to
Value honesty
Honesty is the only way for your few to:
Be themselves Share doubts
Ask questions Admit struggles
Put more energy into the WORD
Than you put in your stories.....
What if God is doing something
Bigger in their hearts?
What if God's plan isn't to
make us feel assured?
The 3 Hurts
1. Being Hurt
2. Hurting Others
3. Hurting Themselves
Be an Example
Be Respectful
Be Energetic
Be Early
Stay Late
In Your Absence Cover your class.
Walk around the room... engage all students.
During Opening:
Sit in a chair.....Don't stand in the back of the room & talk!
High School

Where do WE go from here?????
When We lead small we realize
that what we
do for a few
always have more potential
than what we do for many.

But what exactly do you do?

What exactly is your role?
You may feel lost as times,
like you fall somewhere between a parent

and a friend, a coach and a teacher.
Remember, you aren't supposed to be any of those things.....
You are a little of all those things
anyone who chooses to invest in the lives of a few to encourage
authentic Faith
Everybody needs someone
who knows their name,
and what's happening in
their life!
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