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Client #1

No description

Megan Tolzmann

on 23 February 2018

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Transcript of Client #1

CSI: Cooking Scene Investigators
By: Megan Tolzmann

Client #1
I believe Sara Salmonella was the cause of Karen's abdominal pain. She ate undercooked chicken. She even said her food was delivered quickly so it being undercooked is a possibility. She can prevent getting Salmonella by making sure her chicken is cooked thoroughly.
Client #2
I think Bobby Botulism is the food borne illness to blame in this situation. The cook used spoiled canned green beans from the back of the pantry. If Marissa were still alive she could prevent this by discarding spoiled canned goods.
Client #3
In this situation I believe Cliff Clostridium is to blame. Tony had old gravy and that is a source of Clostridium. He also had abdominal pains which is a symptom of Clostridium. To prevent this illness, he should make sure his foods are cooked thoroughly and that they are fresh.
Client #4
I believe Eerie E. Coli is the food borne illness at fault this time. Ground beef is a food source of E. Coli and Shane even said his burger wasn't cooked enough. He can prevent getting E. Coli by making sure his hands are clean when handling raw meat. He should also make sure to keep his utensils clean.
Client #5
I think Eric had Listeria. The cook even admitted to using expired hot dogs. They were even discolored. Hot dogs are a source of Listeria and the symptoms even match. He had nausea and abdominal pain. To prevent this food borne illness he should rnce raw produce and make sure to wash his hands a lot.
Client #6
I think Gary had Carl Campylobacter. I think this because he had nausea, abdominal pain, and a fever. He can prevent getting this food borne illness by making sure his food is cooked thoroughly.
Client #7
I think Allison had Stanley Staph. I believe this because she thought she had the stomach flu which meant the illness had set in early. She actually had the Staph food borne illness. She can prevent this by washing her hands a lot.
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