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Melodrama vs Naturalism

No description

Amina Elmi

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Melodrama vs Naturalism

Melodrama vs Naturalism
Change was needed from Melodramatic theatre, so Stanislavski set up the "Moscow Art" theatre. He wanted to change theatre to something new and modern. Stanislavski once said "Unlock unconscious creativeness through conscious action"
What differences are there between Melodrama and Naturalism?
Melodrama continued
It was a type of theatre which focus on emotions. The characters used facial expressions and gestures to show their mood. The villain would come in on the right and the hero would come in on the left. Ultimately good will always beat evil. The story being told was predictable.
Everything had to seem truthful, especially the story being told. It exposed gritty life including, poverty, racism, sex, prejudice, disease, prostitution and filth. Their harsh stories were frequently critisiced for being too blunt.
Naturalism is a type of acting we are most familiar with. Here are shows you might recognise.
Melodrama was what hard workers of the industrial revolution went to see to wind down from the working day. Melodrama included over the top acting which wasn't very realistic. It took over theatre in the 19th century and the actors had celebrity status. Men would go to see the beautiful female lead and the females would go to see the handsome male lead.
Acting Styles
Melodrama was very exaggerated as was the dialogue in the scripts, but Naturalism had to be believable.

Facial expressions, again OTT for melodrama, but in Naturalism facial expressions had to portray the characters emotions.
Melodramatic costumes were extravagant , but Naturalism wore costumes which had to be relevant to the character.
As I said earlier Melodrama was predictable with good always beating evil in then end. Naturalism had plot twists and most of the time not predictable.
What similarities do Melodrama and Naturalism have?
They are both modern types of theatre compared to Elizabethan and Ancient Greek.
They both have emotions, but Melodrama is not as authentic.
Homes to Theatres
They both grew from inns and yards to theatres.
After looking at both types of theatre, I have decided that Naturalism is my favourite because it is easier to act and more interesting to watch.
Thanks for watching and listening.
The characters were simple stereotypes. They are either good or bad. The would strike poses and it would almost seem that the actors were trying to act out each other. The volume of the performance would be loud almost like it was being roared.
Electricity allowed lighting and effects to be added for Naturalism, where as Melodrama used candles and oil lamps, the audience found it hard to see, so the actors over exaggerated their movements so the audience could see.
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