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Consciousness-raising:Grammar lesson plan

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Brahim Ait hammou

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Consciousness-raising:Grammar lesson plan

e-Mode of work a-Task
Students review the simple past tense C-Objectives:
*The objective of this review part is to check whether students can use the simple past tense.
*Reviewing the past simple tense will enable students to see the relation between a simple past action and a past perfect action,when it is presented. d-Procedure:
*students to work in pairs and speak about where they spent the weekend.
(model dialogue).
Rashid:Khalid where did you go last Sunday afternoon?
Khalid: I went to …………….. e-Mode of work
*Open pair-work. 2-Skill-getting
A-Creating the need
E-Practice Announcing lesson objectives:
The teacher says explicitly the objectives of this lesson,taking on the students’ given examples in the ‘creating the need’ stage. C-Preparation:
The objective of this stage is to
prepare students for the new
linguistic item to be discovered. a-Task:
Students read the text on page 29 Gateway2 and answer these questions:

1-What did Karim discover when he arrived in Britain? b-objective:
The objective of this stage is to let students completely comprehend the text so that they would be able to understand the new form in later stages c-Duration:
5mns. d-Procedure:
In pairs,students read the text and
answer the question.They compare and discuss their answer to that of their friends. e-Mode of work:
*Pair and share:Ss will answer the question in pairs;then,they share with the pair behind.
Rationale:while students pair up,they will help each to comprehend the text.
Whole-class discussion of the answer;text content D-Consciousness-
raising. a-Task:
S.read the text on page29(Gateway2) and fill in the chart with verbs(actions) from the first three
sentences.Students are required to
pay attention to the logical order
of actions in time. b-Duration:
10 minutes. c-Objective:
The main objective of this part is to
raise-students’ awareness -through
noticing and discussion- to how the
past perfect action is used in
relation to another action in the past. d-Procedure:
*The T explains the task and draws the students attention to the sentences where the verbs are highlighted in red color.
*The T explains what is meant by ‘first’ and ‘second’ action.
*Students copy only the verbs to the chart.
*Whole class correction with chart on the BB.
*Ss explanations of each sentence with a timeline. -Mode of work:
Students do the task in pairs.
Whole-class discussion of the
answers with focus on what comes first and what comes second in reality. 2-Concept-checking:
the objective of this stage is to
check if students have really discovered/understood how the
past perfect is used. a-Task:
Students are asked to transfer the actions
in the last three sentences of the text into the
time-line below,showing which action is first
and which one is second. (BB)
------------------‡----------------‡---------------- e-g: first second
or prepare sentences where students have to
chose between a simple past or a past perfect action. b-Duration:
8 minutes c-Objectives:
The objectives of this activity are:
*To check whether the students are aware of
the form and meaning of the past perfect tense.
*While transfering the verbs into the timeline,students are going to work individually.
*They will share and discuss their answers with their mates.
BB sample.
e-Mode of work:
All the activities in this task will
be done individually. B:Practice. a-Task:
Students do exercises C and D on SB
page30 and an other exercise to practice
the use of the past perfect tense in
controlled and semi-controlled activities. b-Duration:
15 minutes c-Objectives:
The objective of this practice stage is:
*To give the students more practice and
confidence in using the past perfect tense.

**Students do exercise C in pairs.Correction follows.
**Students work individually and do 1-3 in exercise D.They check answers in pairs.Class correction.
**Students work in pairs and do the following exercise: Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form(remind the S of the 3 modes).
Ali: Hello Rashid.Where (you/travel) last summer?
Rashid:I went to Tangiers with my family.Before that,I (visit) Marakesh.
Ali:Had you ever visited Marakesh before that?
Rashid: No, I(not/visit) Marakesh before last summer.But,I (be) to other cities.
e-Mode of work:
*Pair work in exercise C.
*Individual work in exercise D.
*Pair work in dialogue preparation.
*Whole class correction of exercises. 3-Skill-using:Experimentation.
e-Mode of work. a-Tasks:
Students are asked to prepare a short parag-
raph about what they did last week/holiday…(encouraged to use simple
past and past perfect). b-duration:
15-20 minutes c-Objective:
The objective of this stage is to give
the students the opportunity to
experiment with the real use of the past
perfect tense.
Correction should be kept to the minimum ,especially in the past part of the verbs. d-Procedure:

Task1:Students work individually and write the paragraph.
When they have completed their writing,they read it out to their mates.
Task2:Students are asked to perform a role-play. e-Mode of work:
*Students write the story individually.
*The students do task2 (dialogues) in close pairs.
*Students read some samples in open-pairs. 4-Closing:
a-Setting homework:Students do exercise C page34 as homework.
b-Notebook materials:
Students copy the summary
chart with the examples written on the BB. Thank you.

Teaching Grammar:
a model lesson plan.

Trainee:Brahim Ait Hammou.
Trainer:Mr Oulbouch.
CFI.2012-2013 b-Duration:
8 minutes. 2-Skill-getting:

D-Practice. 1-opening: This presentation (lesson plan) is composed of the following stages:
C-Concept checking.
4-Closing. Description:
Component:Grammar-the past perfect simple tense.
Level:Second year Baccalaureate.
Book used:Gateway2.
Standard and competency:By the end of this unit students should be able to talk about their past experiences using the past perfect tense.
Estimated time: 1h:30mns.

1-Choose the right answer:
a-Tom (wake up) yesterday morning early.
woke up/had woken up
b-When you called me last night,I (revise) my lessons .
revised/had already revised
c-I (finish) my work before the electricity went off.
finished/had finished b-Duration:
8minutes d-Procedure:
*students work individually and do exercise1.
*Students discuss their answers in pairs;
they explain and justify their choice.
*Class correction----discussion of the differences. c-Objective:
The objective of the contrasting part is to allow students to see the difference between the simple past tense and the past perfect tense.This part will allow them to further understand the new item (past perfect tense). e-Mode of work:
*individual work while doing the exercises.
*Pair work for checking answers. 3-Contrasting: e 1-Noticing:
At this stage,students are going to observe the new form in the text,identify it,segregate it and decide about both its form and meaning
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