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Europe 1914-2010 Nemec AP World Timeline Template

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Kenton Van Peursem

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Europe 1914-2010 Nemec AP World Timeline Template

World War II or Holocaust in Europe
Unit 6
1914 - 2010
Post Modern Period
Europe General Patterns
S: major boom in world population
P: western Europe: anti-communist, Eastern Europe: Communist
I: Two World Wars, a Cold War, struggle between East and West Europe
C: feminist movements,depressions, and global warming
E: huge production of foreign investment and unemployment rises Crash Course Video Europe Focus Questions:
1.How did the wars affect the population size of Europe?
2.How did different political governments develop in Europe?
3.How did the wars create new European countries?
4.How was technology used to the European's advantage in the wars?
5.How did Europe rise from the Great Depression? 1917 Russian Revolution Social Changes Continuities Political Changes Continuities Interaction Changes Continuities Culture Changes Continuity the Jewish population are targeted during WWII
the introduction to global warming and environmentalism Economic Changes Continuities dependent on United States growth
one of the best economies with steady growth Videos: Green, John. "Crash Course: World History", 2013. www.youtube.com 1914-1918 World War I 1919 Treaty of Versailles,
ending World War I 1929 Stock Market Crash & Beginning of Great Depression women have more opportunities because men are gone at war
need of community to provide support for war and keep stable
population decline because of World War I and World War II
new medicines expand life expectancy citizenship and being part of the nation
ethnic violence and displacement
women suffrage movements transnational movements tried to unite people across national borders
continuity of competitive governments
the western europe was anti-communist (Great Britain, France) formation of the European Union
governments now take control to organize resources used in wars
military technology and tactics
communist and socialist movements moved about Africa, Asia, and Latin America multiple wars occurred (The Great War, WWII, Cold War)
the NATO agreement was key in connecting Western Europe to the United States (Cold War) the usage of technology
the huge amount of conflict through the multiple wars that had huge casualties Christianity remained the dominant religion
nationalist movements took place the European union was formed
created the Euro
huge boost in globalization and foreign trade Europe Map Start of communists and the capitalists
S-demographic fluctuation
E-economic depression economic struggle: businesses are not able to make profit
family life struggled due to lack of income Start of communism in the Soviet Union
Lenin: leader who overthrew the provisional government 1933 Hitler's rise to Power in Germany 1945 Bombing of Hiroshima/Nagaskai 1939-1945 1957 European Economic Community established 1968 Student Protests in France 2002 Introduction of the Euro placing disadvantages on Germany
I-took away much of land
E-depression took place
P-was one reason for WWII (to get back at its oppressors) rose through the ranks in order to place himself as top ruler and person in Germany
P-ruler of the communist party in Germany (Nazi)
E-ability to improve the economy a lot got him supportors the genocide of a Jewish population throughout Europe
Germany, Japan vs. Britain, U.S., France
S-was a German cleansing of unwanted people(promoted protestants)
C-the use of a religion to cause panic first use of nuclear weapons in combat
the final straw to break Japan
I-introduction and use of nuclear technology
P-brought an end to World War II Our is better than
Bonnie and Karina's!
We are going to get
an A+ :) the re-building of the economy in Europe
P-the politics were the reason for the increase in economic abilities
E-the economy transformed with many places established to help Europe student occupation strikes for two weeks straight
P-the involvement of police and other authorities only inflamed the people more
led to the largest strike in France 1994 European Union Established The Holocaust the European Economic Community then transformed into the European Union
E-the development of a lasting economic union to help advance and support German Expansion in WWI introduction of the Euro by the European Union
E-brought together a large European economy
P-brought together different countries who took part int the European Union Major Battle
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