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Lesson 5- Alfa and Beto: The Biblioburros

No description

Jimmy Simmons

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Lesson 5- Alfa and Beto: The Biblioburros

Lesson 5- Alfa and Beto: The Biblioburros
Mini Lesson
Analyze the Text.
1) Title and Picture
2) Table of Contents
3) Text Graphics
a) Headings
b) Pictures
c) Bubbles
What did you think?
What is the story really about?
How do you feel about Roz? Why do you feel that way?
What is the conflict in the story?
What can you Infer about the ending of this story? How does Gram feel?
Word Study
Homework Something Nearby

With you partner,
1) Place the underlined words at the top of the table face up.
2) Place the rest of the cards face down on the table.
3) Take turns turning over a card, reading the word, and placing it in the correct column.

Introducing the Text
Alfa and Beto: The Biblioburros
Discussion of Yesterday's Book
"Eggs for Gram"
Teacher: Luis Soriano who lives in Columbia which is in South America.
What background information do we know about Columbia? (Education)
Luis decided to do something about children not having access to books.
Meet Alfa and Beto
Luis has 2 burros
. They are
on the

book cover
Burros is the spanish word for donkey and Biblio is the spanish word for book
Luis uses his burros to bring
books to children is small towns or villages.
Why do you think that Luis called his library the Bilbioburros?
Pg 2: The heading says "Life in Columbia". What do you think we will learn on these pages?
Pg 3: Look at the map. Where is Columbia compared to Colorado?
The Villages that the Bilbioburros visit are in small villages in Columbia. How do you think Luis, Alfa and Beto get there?
Destination. What does that mean?
Pg 5: Read the heading. Sound out the teacher's name
Pg 10: Graphics and Sidebars. do you notice extra information.
As you read
you will notice that Luis has only two rules for the kids.
you will find out how the people in the villages (both adults and kids) feel about the Bilbioburros.
Be thinking about what is most important about what Luis has done.
Here is a news story about Luis and his Donkeys.
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