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Butterfly Life Cycle

No description

Allison Clayton

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Butterfly Life Cycle

By Allison Clayton The Butterfly Life Cycle Input- The input is that the organisms get stuck to a milk weed plant by an adult butterfly. First their life begins with being eggs. The organisms then hatch from the eggs and turn in caterpillar. They start out small and when they keep eating milkweed, they turn big. During this time every once and a while the caterpillars shed their skin and grow new one. Their metamorphosis time has finally come. The caterpillars rap themselves up to make a cocoon. These are eggs. These are caterpillars in their different sizes. Finally the caterpillar comes out of the cocoon and turns into a beautiful butterfly. These are the caterpillars in their metamorphosis stage. The Output is when juvenile caterpillar turns into an adult butterfly.
The Feedback is when the butterfly changes its body and gets a whole new diet. www3.canisius.edu
monarch-butterfly.com Websites This is a monarch butterfly.
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