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Cody Johnson

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of 13s BaR AND gRILL

The ownership plan will be very simple, consisting of one GM who will work every weekday. We will also have shift managers for every shift, we plan on having 2 shifts 10am-5pm and 5pm-12am on weekdays and then weekends of 10am-3pm, 3pm-8pm , then 8pm to 2am.

Logo/Slogan We decided on this logo to have a design and shape to resemble the shape of a football to emphasize the sports bar aspect of the restaurant. Name and Purpose What's the need for 13's? The problem that creates the need for 13's is there are not any family friendly or fun sports bars in the area. The similar restaurants in the area are either too bar-centered or have little division between the bar area and the restaurant. Describing 13's Exterior -
Rough board siding
Large outer deck in the rear of the restaurant for outdoor seating. Price & Quality Business Location Our business will be located at 1740 NY State Route 13, just before the Riverside Plaza and Route 81 By: Jonathan Cottrell, Sean Herman, Cody Johnson , Mason Merritt, Jessica Wallis 13's Bar & Grill Trends in the Market The trends in the sports bar market are higher business at night hours, and busier in the warmer seasons. The reason for this is people tend to travel more in the warmer seasons than in colder and people feel more comfortable drinking at night. The name was based on the location of the restaurant (Route 13)
The purpose of the restaurant is to provide a family friendly feel in a sports bar environment which will be centrally located between Cortland, Homer, and Truxton. Prices will be in the same general range as our competitors.
We will have game day specials for important games like the superbowl, march madness, and the NBA championship game.
Superbowl special- 13 wings is seven dollars, large pizza one topping is nine dollars, etc.
We expect our money makers to be the arcade, party room, wings, and drinks. The slogan of 13's is
"Where not just the score matters".

This slogan was chosen for its mystery factor, people become more curious as to what else there is. Tully’s:
Strengths - chain business, location (on a well-traveled road) atmosphere, food, pricing, family friendly
Weaknesses - lighting, distance from Cortland, floor design (overly divided) Competitors How 13's Exceeds Competition Unique Aspects:
Multi-Level restaurant /bar
Downstairs entertainment lounge
Middle Arcade / Entrance
Why 13's over Competitors:
Location, family friendly, atmosphere, floor plan (more divided), food quality
Combine pros of other restaurants and eliminate weaknesses by adding our own personal touch. Price and Quality It would be the same price range as competitors because customers are paying more for atmosphere than food.
Biggest money making services would be arcade, party room, wings, and drinks.

These will be the biggest because the arcade is low maintenance and low to buy ($500) but will bring in more customers and customers have to pay to use them. The party room will be cheap to maintain and customers would buy more food for parties and have to pay to rent the room. Cost Buckets Demographics Steven Acardi
Steven is a 33 year old SUNY Cortland graduate who after living in New York City for a few years working in the entertainment business, has moved back locally to CNY with his wife and young daughter. After living in the big entertainment scene of NYC he desires to have somewhere to go to watch the big game, with no ESPN zones or Dave and Busters nearby, he craves the big crowded sports bar to go to with his friends. Steven is an avid sportsman who played Football, Basketball and Baseball while in high school and is still very heavily involved in sports both playing and spectating. Michael Rose
Michael Rose is a 47 year old father who just recently sent his youngest of 4 children to college out of state. Michael is a retired NBA referee who since leaving the profession due to health issues, still has a love and passion for the game. Michael’s wife is busy with book clubs and her part time job, as he has earned enough to provide for them through their retirement. With his wife busy and always on the go, Michael finds himself longing for the same sense of community among his friends. Tired of the normal bar scene, he and his fellow retiree friends want a place where they can go to eat and root for their favorite teams. Adam Phillips
Adam is in his junior year of college at SUNY Cortland studying sports managements and the culinary arts; he is always eager and curious to go to new restaurants with his friends. Adam plays Strong Safety for the SUNY Cortland football team and strives to be an NFL coach. Adam is also studying to be involved in the culinary arts, because he comes from a family of restaurateurs; he has always had an itch to open and run his own, and is always interested in picking up tips from others. Advertising Our Advertising plan is going to be very aggressive
We plan on airing our 47 second radio spot at least twice a day, every day, on the morning drive and evening drive when people are most likely to be listening.

Also we would host live remote broadcast on WXHC 101.5, Wolf 105.1, Light Rock 97.4 and 93q to boost popularity outside of Cortland.

Another strategy is sponsorships. We would be the sponsors and provide uniforms for local intramural sports teams, like flag football, basketball, baseball and lacrosse. In addition to hosting holiday tournaments for local CNY sports teams. Steven is our #1 demographic because we feel like people like him are more prone to come to 13's. He isn't old enough to be thrown off and confused by how busy it is or young enough to prefer going to a tradiotional bar. Michael is our #2 demographic because he is an older gentleman and probably wouldn't be as keen to the amount of noise and activity that 13's has. Adam is our number 3 demographic because college students frequently prefer the party like atmosphere of a bar rather than a sit down kind of restaurant. Questions? Cost Buckets Start up:
-Construction: There will be a high cost to construct our building to its detailed and complex design; the different drop down levels, the raised level, as well as the basement. We will also have to landscape around the restaurant

-Equipment: Kitchen appliances, kitchen supplies, dining ware

-Media: The cost for media and advertisement will be costly because it will take a lot of advertisement to draw people to or unique location. Operating:
-Power: our energy bill will be significant because we will have to power all of our TVs. then all of the standard equipment; lighting and kitchen appliances

-Salary: weekly payments to all staff

-Maintenance: daily cost to keep the restaurant `cleaned, and the costs to keep all appliances, games and TVs running well

-Supplies:cost to to buy food, drinks, etc... Methods: radio spot, newspaper, TV commercial, billboard on highway both north and south bound, sponsorships of local sports teams

-Interior Decoration: The interior decoration will be pricy because we will have to buy new tables chairs, lighting, TVs, a projector, sporting event pictures and game used memorabilia Staff General Manager
Job - Day-to-day operations, media promotions, final say on staffing
Skills - Math and Personnel Management
Salary - $50,000 to $60,000 per year Shift Managers (3)
Job - Employee management, working schedules
Skills - Personnel Management, Problem Solving
Salary - $35,000 to $40,000 per year Cooks (10)
Job - Preparing food.
Skills- Cooking, Creativity, and must be able to control kitchen.
Salary - $10 to $15 per hour Waiters/Waitresses/Bartenders (25)
Job- To serve customers and provide a friendly atmosphere.
Skills - Coordinated, people skills
Salary - $8 to $12 per hour Bail Team Banker - CFCU Community Credit Union
Accountant - Ciaschi, Dietershagen, Little, Mickelson & Company, LLP.
Insurance - George B Bailey Agency Inc
Lawyer - Law Office of Margaret M. Robinson Applebee’s:
Strengths - Chain, location, price, family friendly
Weaknesses - atmosphere, floor design (not divided) Central City:
Strengths - Atmosphere, food, price, location (near main street)
Weaknesses- Not family friendly, little lighting, bar & restaurant not divided Main Floor Lower Level Grounds -
Large parking lot to the left side of the restaurant.
Large field behind the building for lawn games and sports games.
Oak trees in front of the building with pine trees along the right side of the parking lot.l Entry -
Exterior: Two large double doors, gable roof line, and the logo above the door.
Interior: Customers will walk inside to a greeting area where you will be met by a hostess, the greeting area leads to the restaurant and arcade. Seating will be available for customers who have to wait to be seated. Customer Spaces -
The customer spaces will be the arcade, bar, restaurant, and party rooms as well as exterior deck and field space.
The ambiance of the customer spaces will be a family friendly restaurant and arcade, while the bar and the party room will be a more social, adult type feel. Equipment Needed -
Projectors and TV's for the party areas with couches and comfortable chairs for seating.
TV’s for the restaurant with both booths and tables for seating.
Sport themed games for the arcade room. Prices will be in the same range of competitors (exceptions: special priced wings, pizza, drinks on Superbowl.) Example- 13 wings is seven dollars, large pizza one topping is nine dollars, etc.. Patents -
Bowls: wing bowl made of a football, chip bowl made of basketball, sauce bowl made of baseball
Copyrights -
Name and logo
Trademark -
13 wings instead of a dozen, Multiple Wing Sauces
Licenses -
Liquor License, business permit, LLC (Limited Liability Company), state employer ID, and IRS number employer ID.
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